which preamp for my cary slam-100 mono's?

Newbie building his first serious system. Any suggestions of which preamp would be a good match with my Cary SLAM-100's? I listen mainly to rock and jazz. Thanks, Allen
You used the word "match." So then, why not first consider a Cary preamp? I am a big proponent of giving first choice to the same manufacturer of the amp, simply because the manufacturer has a build philosophy and will likely have the closest compatibility match in terms of input/output impedance, sonic signature and so on.
I have a CAT SL-1 mk3 w/phono with the slams and have been completely happy with the combination for years (+ the CAT has never had a single issue in over 10 years of heavy use)
I should add: I auditioned the SLP-98 (whichever version it was 10 years ago) and liked it, but the CAT is more neutral, which is important to me because I listen to a very eclectic mix, from joni mitchell to electronic/experimental. if I mostly listened to singer/songwriter or small ensemble jazz or chamber music, the Cary might have been my choice.

(at the other extreme, among preamps I tried, was spectral - way too 'detailed, etched, analytical' for me!)
I used to have Slam 100s with a regular SLP 98P. It had a lot of drive. Based on what I have read, I would be apprehensive about going with a SLP 98 that is direct coupled...there would probably be a loss of some of that tube magic.
IMHO, that combination had a lot of slam...it is 95 watts in triode. After all, that is the name of the amps.

Also, the Slam 100s did very well with JJ KT88 blue tubes. The music was more refined. If you do end up with a SLP 98, RCA 6sn7 grey glass work very well in the front sockets of the pre.

Enjoy building your system.
I ran a Klyne 6lx3p pre amp with mine when I owned that amp driving a pair of dunlavy sc III's;what speakers are you going to be driving?
I used to have SLM-100 with Cary SLP-98..


I did tweaked with a 6ns7 tubes and found out

1 pr. sylvania gtb in the back.
1 pr. of russian 6N8S ( metal base w/ 1578 stamp)in the front...ooooohhh...it's heaven!!!