which amp will sound better xpa 1 or Khartago

i currently own and use a pioneer sc 27 , the amp sounds good on my martin logan source but somehow it seems undifined not authoritive and lacking that all elusive imaging and soundstage im looking for. the question is what amp sounds best for it. Khartago or emotiva xpa 2 or xpa 1 1200 for the odessey and 1600 for the emotiva. im upgrading in a week and will like to know what i need.
ps thanks to all who answered my kitchen question im auditioning the microwalsh from ohm and if that doesnt suit my needs the anthony gallo strada with a polk audio micro 2000 sub.
You would have to make that decision yourself.Don't rely on others to tell you what you like.Just a thought.Good luck.
Pretty much as above (thanks, Tpreaves) - though I can comment on both so I'm gonna. I bought the Odyssey used on what I thought was a spectacular deal - way under 1/2 price for the Khartago and right now it's running the front pair from a Pio receiver. I happen to like that sound a lot - but that's probably as much due to spending some serious time dialing in the overall system. That said - I've also thought about something like an XPA-3 and just from a pure price perspective have to consider that an upgrade. Emo is having another of their usual sales - and I'm so used to those numbers that I now consider the current numbers to be their "normal" prices. $529 for XPA-3 or $709 for XPA-2 shipped should be enough for what I need in the den.

As far as the "sound better" part - sorry, but I'm in that camp of most amp sound differences are either inaudible to mere mortals or completely one's personal preference. I think it's much more the overall system and once you get to an acceptable level of power and competence the extra $$$ could be much better put elsewhere (like in source material).