Which Cartridge Type and Value and best brand around 2000$

What would be the number of mili-volt for the purchase of a new cartridge, if my phono preamplifier has adjustments of: 24, 30 and 46 dB ? Have you a brand that fit my requirements ?  Thank you.


I would go for a moving magnet, and with your budget you can get totl. The most expensive MM cart is the Clearaudio Charisma. It outputs 3.6mV, which should be good for the 46dB setting on your phono pre. I have the Maestro v2 which is fantastic with its boron cantilever and shibata stylus and ebony body. The Charisma has upgraded stylus and tracks exceptionally well. 

Consider including Soundsmith moving iron in your choices

Cartridges | High Output Fixed Coil | Soundsmith (sound-smith.com)

Cartridges | Medium Output Fixed Coil | Soundsmith (sound-smith.com)

Possibly the most cost effective way to own a pricier cart, since rebuild is offered at a reasonable price.