Which CD would you recommend?

Thinking of changing my ARC CD-2 to maybe a Sim Equinox SE or Marantz SA-15. Any thoughts which might be better if I did change? (See my system for equipment). Not dissatisfifed with ARC but do have the bug to change, only thing that bothers me is the break in time (Sim says 300 hrs, don't know what the Marantz takes). Thanks your thoughts would be a help.
Haven't heard any of them , but just for info purposes if you'res erious about the Equinox I think that amusicdirect (Iam not affiliatd) may still be having a closeout on them, like 40% off list - had entertained getting one - bug to change also - but instead recently got an April Music Stello 220DAC
Why not CD-3mkII? It is better than what you're talking about upgrading to.
Eee3, money is the major consideration otherwise I'd be going that route if I could. I'm a Red book listener only as well and will be keeping my 2 channel system, but with the sale at Music Direct, both these look very inviting.