Which channel gets the vocals on Nowhere Man?

This question is directed mostly to Beatles fans out there, but anyone can join in. The other day I was listening to the radio in my car when the DJ played Nowhere Man. Well the vocals began "He's a real Nowhere Man sitting in his Nowhere land" came out of the left channel while the music was in the right channel. When I got home, I put on Rubber Soul and when I played Nowhere Man, it was the opposite, the vocals came out of the right channel and the music came out of the left channel. In your experience, should the vocals be in the right channel or the left channel?
I like this question, so I pulled my "American Capital Records LP", The Beatles, Yesterday And Today - and listened...The Vocals are on the right channel, and the music is on the left according to my original Capitol recording LP from 1966 or 1967, I believe. You must be listening to the Rubber Soul CD or "the import" European LP, which I believe has tunes from the US Yesterday and Today LP and the US Rubber Soul Lp - not that it matters, but I believe the European LP's, or "the imports" were arranged different from the US LP's, back in the day.
As should the vocals be in the left or right channel?.... I think the vocals should be right down the middle - unless the lead vocalist in the group sets up on the right or left when they preform live, then I think the vocals should be paned to the right or the left slightly in the recordings - but the recording technique was very limited in the sixties from what it is today...stereo was fairly new, and maybe George Martin and the Beatles liked that kind of musical separation (vocals on the right, intruments on the left) in the mix and went with it...A lot of their songs were recorded that way back in the day... I'm ok with it.
Thanks for your response!! Yours is a verification that I wanted to hear because,on my setup, I have the vocals on the right and the music on the left also. I am listening to the parlophone CD of Rubber Soul. Although I still have my vinyl albums, I don't have a turntable any longer. At this point even if I did, I would need to get an outboard phono preamp to hook into my linestage only. From what I have read, The Beatles themselves were only involved with the mono mixes of their records, they actually didn't appreciate stereo and left it to George Martin.
Listened to my '82 JN red wax Odeon Rubber soul and found the vocals on the right side and instruments on the left. Sounds great.

Happy Listening!
Right channel.

However there is a wonderful remix of "Nowhere Man" on the Capitol Yellow Submarine compact disc released in 1999.

The vocals, thank goodness, are nicely balanced between both channels and sound much better than the hack job from Yesterday and Today aka the "Butcher Album" (Capitol T2553, 1966).
Hi Cyclonicman

Since it appears from the responses that things were reversed in your car, the question now is whether the radio station or your car system is wired incorrectly.
Much easier to correct if it's at your end.

Bill, I already performed that investigation and I have had this occur in 2 different cars and only noticed it because I am a huge Beatles fan and am so familiar with their music. The strange thing is that when I play the Rubber Soul CD in the car, vocals are correctly placed in the right channel. I thought it was odd that the radios were incorrectly hooked up (factory installation) in both of my cars and so I actually emailed the radio station in NY, 104.3 FM, and presented them with my observation. I never heard back from them, probably thought I was some jackass.