Which does a better job of grounding your system Entreq products or Shunyata Altaira ?

Just a quick question on both of these products and if anybody has actually compared them in their systems. If you have which company's product did you buy or not buy and why ....thank you and the usual Thread Locusts please go feast elsewhere. Just looking for some ideas.     


.....I guess nobody owns any of these products and that is too bad as grounding your system can make an audible difference in many systems.  

I own an Entreq unit, and I had a Shunyata Altaira for demo for a time.

The Shunyata unit created a hum in my system, so I sent it back. The Entreq unit has been a keeper.



. . . as grounding your system can make an audible difference in many systems.

+1 I’ve been experimenting with different grounding approaches for a long time.

In my experience, it didn’t pay off until the power to my system was totally cleaned up. Before then, grounding revealed the electrical noise/hash and made the SQ worse. After cleaning up the power, I was quite surprised at how ground wires of different metallurgies and construction affected the SQ. I’m currently using solid core copper magnet wire - as a substitute for the thin stranded wiring that came with my Synergistic Research cables.

The Shunyata Altaira has received excellent reviews. It has a novel method in the way it treats signal ground vs chassis ground. As Ozzy has pointed out, a trial period is a great thing.

I have a Dayton Audio SA1000 amp for my subwoofers. It has a known hum issue in some systems - including mine. The hum disappeared when I grounded the chassis to a DIY Entreq box. Recently, I grounded the chassis of my SS Class A amp to the same DIY box. This amp didn’t have a hum problem, but I was curious to hear what would happen. The SQ improved once again.

Everything matters.

……thank you and through my conversations it seems the Entreq is more widely accepted than the Shunyata which is also very good 

OP, have you considered Synergistic Research or CAD grounding products as well?  Both reportedly make notable improvements.