which HT processor of these three?

50/50 music and movies
system is all B&W, 801's, 804's, ASW800 sub, B&w center,
already have balanced custom b&w mono amps for the front channels
will also need 5 more channels of amplification (so if you would like to add your 2 cents worth about multi channel balanced amps, please do)
DVD/CD/DVDA Marantz 12S1
currently available on audiogon
**Krell HTS2 upgraded to 7.1 (asking 4800)
**Integra Research SD7 latest with bass management(ask 2800)
**Aragon Stage One (asking 2800)
need to stay balanced, want 7.1, and prefer some base management
also like the classe 60, but none available at this time
thanks for the help

Disclaimer: I am a Simaudio dealer.


Given your system and budget, make sure that you add the Simaudio theater products to your short list.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Best Regards...Mike - Father & Son Audio
I`d go with Aragon, given these three to consider. Other than that my choice would be Bryston SP1.7 ($4300 retail).

I have owned Acurus pre/pro and amps, and I have recently upgraded to the Aragon Soundstage pre/pro and Aragon amplifiers(via Audiogon). In the process of purchasing these upgraded Aragon electronics, I have read a lot, listened a lot, and talked with several very reputable dealers.

You have a difficult decision to make. Because you listed 50/50 music & movies, I am assuming that you are looking for a high quality 2-channel analog pass-through and quality surround processor in one unit. This is one feature that separates the average pre/pro from the really good one. All three of the units have excellent 2-channel pass-throughs. If cost is an issue, I would rule out the Krell because I think you can get almost as good (this is debatable) for half the price. ONE KEY POINT, the Aragon Stage One is NOT balanced. The Aragon Soundstage is balanced. I have heard very good things about the Integra for 2-channel, but I have never listened to it.
I might have an Aragon Soundstage (balanced) for sale. Call me if you would like to discuss. (937) 609-5285.....
Jim T.
Hey Ron,

I would go for the Krell Showcase ($4000 new) in your price range. I just purchased one used and I could not be happier. The HT performance is excellent and the 2 channel pass through for my music is the best I've heard. I've auditioned the Soundstage and I personally owned the Proceed AVP-S and both of these left me wanting. The Proceed only lasted a week in my system before I sold it. For processors, I prefer Krell because, inspite of what others call the Krell family sound shortcommings, you can match it up with other gear and create a good balanced sound, depending on what kind of sound you are looking for and what equipment you choose. You can check out my system on the virtuals hear on the 'Gon. Good luck on your choice and happy hunting......John

Be careful with your decision. Do not assume that every pre/pro from a certain manufacture is the best at its price point. For example, to continue with the Krell case. The Krell HTS is absoulutely not the same quality pre/pro as the Krell Showcase. The Krell HTS has an excellent 2-channel passthrough. I would not assume that the Krell Showcase is as good. Best way to be sure is to go listen and trust your ear.

Hey Jimted,

I, in no way ment to imply that the Krell Showcase was anywhere near the performance level of the HTS 7.1. I was just pointing out that at the price Ron would spend on a used 7.1, he could have a new Showcase. But, I have listened to both the Showcase and the 7.1 and, honestly, there were rather subtle differences, to me, in the 2 channel performance. I chose the Showcase for just that reason........John
Have you considered the Myryad MDP-500? I replaced my B&K Ref with this unit and was amazed at the quality difference. Stereophile gave this pre amp an a rating based on its analog pass through CouldnÂ’t recommend one enough!

One piece of advice...stay away from Krell. I recently sold my HTS and replaced it with a Sunfire Theater Grand III and the difference was absolutely amazing. I think the TGIII is much more musical and detailed for movies. I have watched movies and heard things that my Krell did not process. The TGIII has balanced outputs and processes just about every signal. Well worth the $3000.