Which Integrated Amp

I currently have a complete Audia flight setup, FL100 Amp, Audia FLight Pre and CD One that I use to drive Verity Parsifal Ovation speakers. I have recently moved and have to have my system in my primary living area instead of a dedicated room. I would like to move to an integrated amp to reduce the footprint and WAF, but don't want to give up the sound quality. I am currently looking at the Magnum Dynalab 309 and the PAS Int-150. Does anybody have any additional recomendation or any thoughts on these two integrated amps.
I haven't hear the Magnum Dynalab, so can't help there, but I currently own the Pass INT-150. A family member has the Verity Parsifal Ovations, and I'm very familiar with them. I briefly owned the Verity Fidelios, which I had hooked up to the Pass. I haven't heard the Audia Flight gear, but have read about it.

I would first off say, that if you light Audia Flight's gear, you might as well try their integrated amp, which I haven't heard. I mean, if you like their house sound, stands to reason that it would be an easy adjustment, and you wouldn't be in danger of trying a bunch of different things.

I love the Pass INT-150. I did a shootout between the Pass and my old Aesthetix/Bat combo, as well as the aesthetix with a Pass 250.5 and the Pass INT-150's pre (the x-1, basically) through to the Pass 250.5. The Pass was preferable to the Aesthetix/Bat combo, and only an iota less fleshed out than the aesthetix/pass 250.5 combo--not enough to justify the price difference, in my book. The Pass is very well made, has two sets of balanced inputs, which is nice, and a very study and useful remote. The sound is extremely dynamic, with excellent imaging and snappy bass. Even my friend who brought over his 250.5 said he thought the integrated was the way to go. It should easily drive the Parsifals, and I think this would be a very good combination. I find the Pass very neutral, and very revealing of cable changes, so I can tune as needed, but still am trying to stay very neutral. Personally, I love the looks of it: very understated and handsome, with the added bonus of being able to turn the display off. My wife tolerates it, but I think the only gear she would like the looks of is McIntosh (she's a retro gal). I'm thinking of auditioning the McIntosh MA7000, just to humor her, but truth be told, I want to stay with the Pass. THe Pass sounded great with the Fidelios, but they were too small for my main system, and my wife nixed the idea of them in a second system. Bummer.

I've listened to a ton of integrated amps in the last few years, so email offline if you want to know more.


Thanks Matt, I have tried the Audia flight integrated, but there is a large difference going from thier Class A amp and pre to the integrated. I have hear the McIntosh and am not a fan as I find it a little to warm, but I agree it does look nice in a very clasic McIntosh way. I have heard the ASR which is a great system, but is a larger integrated them my current combination.
Well, if Mac is too warm, I would definitely give the Pass a try, as well as the Sim i-7. Some people love the Plinius 9200, but I didn't. The GamuT DI150 integrated is very interesting--something worth checking out. Some people on Agon like the new Jeff Rowland Continuum. I heard their concerto, which I thought was brash, but totally different amps. Burmester, if that's an option (dunno your budget),

GamuT or Sim would be the ones I'd try first, but that's just me.
My opinion is a bit biased but I would second the recommendation for the Pass INT 150, it is a stunning Integrated amplifier and competes against high end separate components that cost a lot more.
The Synergy of the pre-power stage in the Pass INT 150 is excellent, Very highly recommended.
Thanks Jason.
I haven't heard the new Pass integrated amp, so I cannot say anything in that regard.
I currently own one of the last pairs of Verity Parsifal Encore speakers manufactured, just before the Ovation's came out. I'm currently using a VAC Avatar Super integrated amp with upgraded tubes, and I'm very happy with it. I can relate to your complaint about the Mac being warm, as the VAC is a bit warm too. I've found that the VAC-Verity combo works best with silver cables.

I do prefer the VAC over any SS that I've heard, but again, I have not listened to the Pass.

I had the Audia Flight 2 integrated amp and did not like it. I now have a LSA Signature integrated amp and love it. I have it paired with a Cary 306/200 and Salk HT3 speakers and I feel it is a great combination.

Now if I had the money I would definitely buy the Pass Integrated. I have not hear it but every Pass product that I have had the pleasure of listening to has been outstanding.

Good luck.

What about a tube integrated? I just purchased an all tube integrated, a Graaf GM50 with my Verity Parsifals (original). Graaf are well known for their OTL amp designs, I believe Verity's loudspeakers were presented at various shows with Tenor Audio OTL amps driving them.

The GM50 drives the Parsifals easily for a 50w tube push-pull design. It's a really sweet and refined sounding combination with a black background. Voicing is lifelike. My source is a McCormack UDP-1 Deluxe.

Other tube amps suggestions include the Einstein The Absolute Tune integrated (50w per channel, see Soundstage review), perhaps a higher end hybrid from Unison Research, a Pathos TT (30 watts Class A may be adequate).

I cannot comment on the Pass or Dynalab. Sorry. As far as ss amps, you may consider the latest Rowland Continuum 250 or 500 integrated amps. Some folks feel these better the Pass INT-150.

Good luck in your decision, lots of wonderful choices.
I have heard Luxman Class A integrateds with Verity speakers and the results were terrific. But be warned - those amps run pretty darn hot!