Which LPS is worth it for Bluesound Node 2i?

Has anyone tried using a LPS with a any of the Bluesound Nodes? If so, what options are there and which one gives the most improvement in SQ for the money? Also, where can I get the best price for one if I decide to try one? I’m trying to decide if it’s even worth it for my Node 2i. Any / all feedback greatly appreciated!





I think Teddy Pardo makes one. I have a LPS from him for my Node X and it has reduced the noise floor. I also have a PD Creative LPS for my Node 2. Both are good. The PD Creative was shipped from Poland to USA. Both entailed opening the BS to swap the PS board. But it was not hard. In both units it smoothed out harshness, opened up the range of frequencies and reduced noise floor. The nodes are dead silent now. It will not make the Bluesound better than another streamer that cost twice or three times the price, but It will improve the overall sound. IMO.

@2psyop The thx for your input.  I really appreciate it!  I’ still wonder if it’s worth it to do the LPS or just sell the BS and go for either a Lumin or Aurender.

Just ran across your inquiry and wanted to give you a few thoughts based on my digital journey starting with the BS Node. I had the Node for 6 months and decided I wanted to explore the benefits of digital vs my analog rig.  I initially added an LPSU interface for my N130 from PD Creative and an S Booster power supply.  I could immediately tell a difference in the overall quality and soundstage.  Next step was that I continued to use the Node for streaming but added a Schitt Yggy LIM as my DAC and heard the improvement.  Then transitioned the streaming to a Aurender N200 which I bought from the original owner.  Net is I improved the digital experience each step. I absolutely agree with the comments from @2psyop above on PD Creative, re the sound and ease of use re the board swap.  Even though I have now transitioned 100% from the BS Node, I am glad I went down that path as the listening and learning of the journey greatly helped me with what I was looking for achieve and the incremental steps to get there.  

Also a quick side note worth mentioning is that Upscale Audio offers an S Booster interface board and coupled with the 5-6 V Sbooster power supply it would be a one stop shop - $379 for the power supply/$149 for the interface board.  I have no affiliation with Upscale but have made several purchases from them and they are great to work with.  So for $528 and change you can take the next step if you want to explore without sinking to much into the digital journey.   

@norust Great advice from him. And to boost his comments a little, a side effect of improving your digital rig is that your wallet will get thinner.

I have the PD creative board and Sbooster for a Node 2i. As mentioned by others a nice upgrade. I use it as a steamer only. Brent at Fidelity Audio in the UK also builds power boards and linear power supplies for the Node.  I had him build his Reference Interface board for a Node 130 and add his better clock. (he needs to do the clock upgrade himself, I bought the 130 from him and had him do all the installations) Huge upgrade over the Node 2i. By the looks, his reference power board is much more substantial than the PD creative. I was running the 130 with my Sbooster at first. Then I bit the bullet and had him make one his Reference V2 Low Noise PSU. Another big step up over the Sbooster. Brent claims that the Node's are very sensitive to clean power. I highly recommend Brent's work.