Which LS3/5a?

I would like to add one more speaker to my small group of speakers and I am considering my first LS3/5a.  The Rogers LS3/5a SE or Falcons Gold Badge appear to be the two that have caught my attention but I am open to any suggestions from owners of other brands of ls3/5a's.  Currently I have been enjoying a Dynaudio Heritage Special speakers and would like to buy a ls3/5a and compare the two and keep one set of speakers.  So any LS35a owners out there?


@bobheinatz  -- not directly, but having heard various versions of the LS3/5a over the years, there is no doubt in my mind that the new Spendor has the same wonderful midrange of the LS3/5a plus the advantages mentioned above.  So, count me a happy camper.

That said, I know that others may reach a different conclusion. Sometimes the lure of owning a pure version of a legendary classic is simply too great to ignore. That's a decision each person must reach on their own.

Agreeing with Missti on the Spendor Classic 4/5’s. Just got a pair and very pleased.

I have an extensive collection of LS3/5a monitors. IMHO the very limited Falcon KINGSWOOD WARREN EDITION is the best, and not by a small margin! For vintage examples, I still favor the CHARTWELL only if in great condition. I also like the warmer balance of the Graham LS3/5 with the partnered Graham passive subwoofers, but it does lower the impedance with the subs. So for lower powered tubes, the monitors alone are preferable. It’s been a love affair since my first Rogers 15 ohm in the late 1970’s! 

Hello @bobheinatz 

i have (and still own) a pair of 15ohm Rogers walnut 3/5a(1990) and a pair of Harbeth Rosewood (special edition) 11ohm (1994) 

1. I found them perform the best with Foundation speaker stands , without a proper stand , they don’t throw a “larger than box” soundstage. With proper stands and placement ( and high current amps) they can be a profound experience. 

2. They produce the sweetest vocals when paired with tube amps imho, I used Jadis , Conrad-Johnson amps back in the 90s and no other ss amps can produce that density and fluidity , that’s why I think many audiophiles are so addicted to 3/5a and I had seen people using 000thousands worth of equipment to drive them. 
But the downside is at the end they are bookshelf and BBC designed them for close monitoring at remote sites. They don’t can give you a full orchestra experience or the lowest frequency due to physical limitation. 
Be willing to feed them with high current amps and they will reward you greatly ! 

3. If you are after vintage 3/5a be sure to check the seals are still flexible. Different brands seem to use better crossover components and different veneer produce slightly different SQ ( the rosewood / ebony can go a little deeper bass, walnuts tend to give a more relaxed vocals) 

above are just my personal experience, enjoy the journey !