Which power amp to try?

I have recently bought the Usher Tiny Dancers. Any owners have a suggestion on power amps?

works very well with 718's

just my two cents worth....
According to similar thread some time ago Tine dancers work great wit Bel Canto S300 and Ref1000 - class D Icepower amps. Ref1000 is probably overkill but s300 or Rowland model 102 (same thing as S300) might be right fit.
Thanks for your input....I have an Audio Alchemy DLC passive preamp...I have found a really nice match for the Ushers...I found a pair of Monarchy SM70's. They have lots of gain and work extremely well with these speakers and preamp. I tried them running mono but found that using them in stereo mode to biamp my speakers sound much more dynamic. I really don't understand why. What do you all think?
I asked a rep what he felt was an example of a very suitable speaker, or possibly the limit, for this amp and he mentioned the BE-218's, which I hadn't heard of before . Here's the amp.