Which Power Supply sounds better LHYLPS vs. S. Booster with Lumin U2 mini

Just purchased the U2 mini and am happy with same. But of course, I was advised that a Linear Power Supply does sound better.  There are two I am looking at: LHS Power Supply sold by Vinshine Audio which the owner of Vinshine does a You Tube Video and how it is done.

The second one is the S Booster which is sold by Upscale Audio among others.

My specific question: Which of the 2 provides a better improvement in sound  as well as being easier to make the change from a switching to Linear Power Supply. 

My system is MArtin Logan 11A, Conrad Johnson Classic 62, Rogue Audio Preamp and Chord Qutest DAC.  Thanks for any guidance that you can provide. I just asked this question a few days ago, but I wanted  my question to be more specific  on this go around.   Thank you. 


@kjl1065 I have the LHY 80VA LPS for my Lumin U2 Mini and it is a sure wonderful upgrade though it will take some time to burnin and get the best out of the Lumin but am sorry I have never heard the S Boster