Which Processor?

Currently have a Lexicon mc-1 processor. Want to upgrade so as to use a SACD?DVD-A player. Speakers are B&W 802, Classe CAV-500 amp. Any suggestions. Should have Analog bypass.
Lexicon MC-12. Lexicon regularly offers a trade-in program if you want to buy new, so you could get credit for your MC-1. They also are readily available on the used market.

The MC-12 has not only support for 6-channel analog inputs, but has analog bypass for both 2- and 6-channel. And, of course, it does HT like no other. -Kirk
I have experienced great results with a Krell HTS 2 and B&W speakers. The HTS 7.1 offers analog pass through.
To my knowledge all the current SACD players have analog outputs and do not have a digital output. I am told it is a copyright issue.
The Parasound halo c2 is as good sonically as a McCormack map-1 dedicated multi channel preamp and also bested Tags latest 192 dacs for H/T.
There is no re-digitizing of analog through the 7.1 or balanced 2 channel inputs.

At around 3k street,what more could you want in a pre/pro...especially since the c1 is 6k and offers the same exact sonics, and has been reviewed as a bargain at 6k.