Which receiver to keep, Yamaha CR2020 or HK 630

I have a Harman Kardan 630 or a Yamaha CR1020. Which one should I keep? I have to sell one. Thx.


Yamaha, without a doubt. I have the 1020 for my garage/shop system, too cheap to buy the 2020. My first Yamaha, it’s a quality piece.

Yours 105 wpc has far more power than the 30 wpc HK, and it has both MC and MM phono. Features up the kazoo.

All the meters, tuner  ... in one horizontal line, beautiful.

Mine has some kind of relay that tends to blow, hard to find (found out later).

the hk is a really good sounding piece which feels a lot more powerful than its rating, but i'd also probably keep the yammie, which is bigger, pricier and more sought-after.