Which to keep! Pick one of these two soeakers

Sorry about the typo in the title, I have two sets of speakers and I need to sell one. Of these two, which would you keep or which would you be more likely to consider a better choice? I’ve been running the Spendors for a while and they are very good, very transparent and I’d say their weakness is that they lack low end but I run a sub so it hasn’t been an issue. I just got the ML Ascent’s in a bundle buy of equipment and I’m really liking the looks of them in my space but I am still sure about how flat they are sonically or if they are as good as my Spendors. I’m having a hard time deciding.

1. Spendor S100 circa 1970’s

2. Martin Logan Ascent w/ new ESL panels


I'm all for using one amp for both panels and subs. I've a hard time thinking the Adcom would be a good match (soundwise) for the panels. When you set these up, I assume in a somewhat triangular configuration, you need not be as concerned with sidewall reflections (as you would with boxes, but the rear wave is a potential problem. To hear this speaker best it should be about 6 ft off the wall behind it. Dispersive material on the wall wouldn't hurt much either. Good place to start anyway. Take your time with setting up these speakers before you come to any final conclusion. 

IMO you should be able to pick your own speakers? 

I guess I don't understand what you are asking? You own both pair now, yes?

You can configure them how you like, yes? You can listen to both and decide which pair sounds best? no???

How many hours do the "new" panels have on them.  They need about 200 hours to break-in.

I'm a panel guy and biased, so I say keep the Martin Logans...

The sonics you are describing have a lot to do with your equipment.

Happy Listening.

If you only have the space for 1 keep the Spendors.  They are a bit more versatile, and should sound better on most songs.  However with the right song, panels can do magic no box speaker will match. I'd do my best to keep both since they are very different speakers.  I've got a box/horn (Dynaudio/Klipsch) pairing myself.  One in the bedroom and the other in the living room.