Which to keep! Pick one of these two soeakers

Sorry about the typo in the title, I have two sets of speakers and I need to sell one. Of these two, which would you keep or which would you be more likely to consider a better choice? I’ve been running the Spendors for a while and they are very good, very transparent and I’d say their weakness is that they lack low end but I run a sub so it hasn’t been an issue. I just got the ML Ascent’s in a bundle buy of equipment and I’m really liking the looks of them in my space but I am still sure about how flat they are sonically or if they are as good as my Spendors. I’m having a hard time deciding.

1. Spendor S100 circa 1970’s

2. Martin Logan Ascent w/ new ESL panels


I have two glasses of Red Wine in front of me.  Can someone tell me which one I prefer the taste of?  Sorry, but if you have two sets of speakers in your room, and you can't tell which one you prefer, I don't understand how the opinions of others are going to help?  If you really can't pick one based on your own listening experience, then I would say sell the one that will bring the most money.  

New speakers, new equipment, bi-amp, only 1 sub with Spendors, what a circle of confusion.

1. change only 1 thing at a time.

Listen to your most involving music on your existing system.

2. Change speakers only. More or less involving?

Speaker choice is done, keep the other pair in the garage for a few months while you mess about with various combinations of existing/new equipment. Settled, then compare the speakers again, ... more involving?


now, move on to other changes, 1 at a time.


I agree, a matching Pair of Subs would definitely be a step up

not just in amount of low end, but enhanced Stereo Bass. Every note has fundamentals, and they progressively become more directional than a bass fundamental: front firing, no ports, located near primary speakers as a Stereo Pair.

Bass Imaging: Where’s Wally? Where’s Ray Brown standing?