Which Totem speakers

I want to build a nice little home theater and I have chose Totem speakers for their reasonnable prices, looks and size.

I do however hesitate on which model to buy:

A set of Mite with a subwoofer
A set of Rainmaker without a subwoofer (to keep in the same price range)
A set of Dreamcatcher with a sub
A pair of Arro with mites and a sub etc..

tell me what you think

Receiver is a Yamaha RXV-1300 which I will probably upgrade to an Arcam AVR-300 in a near future.

Thank you
I would choose between the Mites and Rainmakers for your application. I have heard both and I generally prefer the Rainmaker (better LF extension and a more full sound), but the Mites are oustanding for the price.

I have the Rainmaker in my stereo, and while they have nice bass extention for their size, you might want to add a sub in a home theater.
My advice is to buy the best speaker you can afford without regard to whether you'll need a subwoofer. Subs are nice (I have two in my system), but they can't make up for a speaker that lacks good mid-range qualities. Further, even good subs are much more effective when paired with main speakers that have good extension down to around 60 Hz.

You might have to plan your purchases incrementally (monitors now, subs at a later time), but in the long run you will be much more satisfied if you get the best main speakers your budget will allow, and worry about the subs later.

Having said all that, I think you should give the Rainmakers serious consideration. However, in their general price range there are some other very good speakers that you may like, and that deserve an audition: B&W 602.5 S3; Bohlender-Graebner Radia Z; Magnepan MG12/QR; ProAc Tablette Reference 8. If you are willing to buy used speakers, you can also get a pair of Vandersteen 2Ce's, which would be an excellent starting point (and which will mate very well with a subwoofer at some future point.)
I helped a friend set up a system that used Arros for L/R main, and Dreamcatcher center and surrounds. We opted for a Velodyne SPL series sub. The Totems were driven by a Rotel 1056. IMHO, this system is truly exceptional for its price and size.
I would consider the Totem Staff too.I had the opportunity to audition Rainmaker,Arro and Staff at local importer.The
Arro had superb midrange and imaging and sweet highs too.
But bottom end lacked especially on rock music.Rainmaker was more punchy and quick but midrange was a bit dry and nasal.
Imho Staff combined the strenghts of both other models offering excellent sound from top to bottom and sounding good with all types of music,without need for a sub.
Speaking about Totems, which level of current speakers would be similar to the Rokk's that they use to make?
I am also looking at totems and hard not to love arros. I also hear that the Staf is the better HT choice, just not as enthralling in shock value of the sound out of that small box. Seems physically impossible for them to push much air.

PS 1 I have the Arcam 300 - highly recommended as are their high priced DVD players (sold ny DVDO)

PSS Center recommendations.

And Finally, anone compare to Von Schweikert system with VR2 base???