Which Transport or CD Player?

Looking for a great CD playback solution and considering:

1. Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T

2. Jay's Audio CDT2-MK3

Other options: Denon Anniversary Edition DCD-A110 or Marantz SA-KI RUBY CD Player.  These each have a DAC so could be a plus or minus...another DAC to play with but a compromised transport.  I currently have a Border Patrol SEi dac but not married to it.  

Anyone compare these?  Looking for recommendations.  Thanks



 I use SPDIF RCA cable, only choice with my minimalist designed /built Japanese DAC. But as I mentioned previously, splendid sound quality! Problem with Is2 is there are multiple proprietary designs. From my understanding, Pro-Ject is only compatible with its sibling products. 

I went with the Jay's...my audio buddy bought the project and on his 3rd unit..junkass build quality compared to the Jays

Yes I bought the cdt2mk3...did I do a shoot between the two players,?...no ,wasn't any reason to do one..the project is junk..did you read what I wrote?he's on his 3rd unit as r he first he was sent had issues...sorry you can visually see without plugging them in which is the better unit.


Well, welcome to open format forum discussions. As is typical you are exposed to differences of opinion and experiences which is a good thing. My situation is the polar opposite of the previous posted experience. Precisely why I recommended that you audition and listen for yourself. There will never be universal agreement regarding any audio product no matter what it is.

I stand by my comments of the RS2T providing superb sound quality and trouble free usage. It has been described as junk by another poster. So, two conflicting views. It's been fantastic for me. Open discussions are good.