Which Transport or CD Player?

Looking for a great CD playback solution and considering:

1. Pro-Ject CD Box RS2 T

2. Jay's Audio CDT2-MK3

Other options: Denon Anniversary Edition DCD-A110 or Marantz SA-KI RUBY CD Player.  These each have a DAC so could be a plus or minus...another DAC to play with but a compromised transport.  I currently have a Border Patrol SEi dac but not married to it.  

Anyone compare these?  Looking for recommendations.  Thanks


The Esoteric CD Player is worth the price.  Consider one from the used market.

I would suggest you take the time to read through the RS2 thread and then decide if you want to deal with the quality control and delivery issues they have been having for almost a year.  You will find no such complaints about the Jays units. 



I got my RS2 T in '20 before reviews pushed up the demand.

I've never experienced any glitches nohow. YRMV.

I am very happy with my Emotiva ERC-4 has a built in DAC, built like a tank

You can also look at the old Marantz CD-94 and Metronome CDPs to use as transports.  I really liked the Pro-Ject but a friend borrowed it and has not returned it.  Hard to get one now.  I'll probably get an old top of the line CEC and upgrade it  My Audiomeca Mephisto II was the best one I ever heard but it has crapped out being around 20 years old and I just have not found the time to repair it.

I use my Technics SL-G700 SACD player's Coax out to my Technics SU-G700M2 integrated and it betters (noticeably) the line outs. Doing it that way I can still play my SACDs and the only two (so far) CDs that exhibit drops outs, which I believe, is due to the possibility that they're not glass etched but CD-R discs. 

I thought long and hard about getting a CDT but in the end, stuck with a CDP and it works great.

All the best,

I searched and searched, got help here, am beyond happy with my Sony xa5400ES

asked about it here


I went thru Oppos, Marantz, Denon; KLH .... very much like Onkyo Integra CDC 3.4 changer (no sacd)

I would suggest you take the time to read through the RS2 thread and then decide if you want to deal with the quality control and delivery issues they have been having for almost a year.  You will find no such complaints about the Jays units. 

Haven't read through the entire thread, but the drive unit appears to be superior on the Project and so many people are raving about the sound.  The reported issues are concerning as are the problems with the I2S compatibility.  Seems like a big oversight on Project's part.  

I got my RS2 T in '20 before reviews pushed up the demand.

I've never experienced any glitches nohow. YRMV.

Are you utilizing the R2S?  What DAC are you using?


I believe that you will be happy with either of these two CD transports you’re inquiring about. I have not heard the Jay’s Audio unit, but it has received much praise from happy owners.

I have owned the Pro-Ject RS2T the past 10 months and use it quite regularly and have experienced not a problem. I know that some have had quality control issues. Sonically its been superb for me. It presents music beautifully with a very emotionally engaging manner.

As you mention, I believe much of this wonderful sound quality can be attributed to the latest Stream Unlimited CD Pro-8 drive mechanism and Blue Tiger servo integration. I hope you are able to hear both CD transports and judge for yourself.




Would be really great to hear both, but unlikely.  Do you use the I2S to connect to your DAC?  


 I use SPDIF RCA cable, only choice with my minimalist designed /built Japanese DAC. But as I mentioned previously, splendid sound quality! Problem with Is2 is there are multiple proprietary designs. From my understanding, Pro-Ject is only compatible with its sibling products. 

I went with the Jay's...my audio buddy bought the project and on his 3rd unit..junkass build quality compared to the Jays

Yes I bought the cdt2mk3...did I do a shoot between the two players,?...no ,wasn't any reason to do one..the project is junk..did you read what I wrote?he's on his 3rd unit as r he first he was sent had issues...sorry you can visually see without plugging them in which is the better unit.


Well, welcome to open format forum discussions. As is typical you are exposed to differences of opinion and experiences which is a good thing. My situation is the polar opposite of the previous posted experience. Precisely why I recommended that you audition and listen for yourself. There will never be universal agreement regarding any audio product no matter what it is.

I stand by my comments of the RS2T providing superb sound quality and trouble free usage. It has been described as junk by another poster. So, two conflicting views. It's been fantastic for me. Open discussions are good.




For anyone to have done a side by side comparison, who was not a reviewer like Terry London, you would have to put down just short of $6000 and then hope you got a working ProJect unit to make the comparison.  In light of the multiple quality control issues reported with the RS2 why would anyone do that.  After waiting for over four months for an ordered unit and being finally told by them and multiple other dealers that they had no idea when ProJect would deliver I gave up.  Based on reports on the units that did show up at several dealers in the months that followed I'm glad I did cancel and move on.  The Jay's unit is much better built and sounds great.  The people who keep defending the ProJect unit bought early on when units were available initially and not after the demand went up and QC went down.  

I’ve clearly stated on this and other threads that both products are worth pursuing. I don’t have to denigrate Jay’s Audio products in order to support Pro-Ject products. I’ve no doubt that owners are very pleased with their Jay’s Audio CD transports and I congratulate them.

I can only report my actual ownership experience with the Pro-Ject RS2T and it has been splendid! They have had QC issues and no denying that. It seems that high demand for the units may very well be the catalyst. It appears this has been recognized and being addressed. It is certainly a fixable problem.

I am certainly not the only happy RS2T owner, there are many. In terms of its quality and performance in my audio system, the results are genuinely marvelous. One of the better audio component purchases I’ve made.

if someone is really interested in finding out for themselves I would suggest buying from a vendor who offers an audition period and return policy. Pro and con debating can go on and on. The best solution is to hear and judge for yourself. That’s my take, superb sound quality and contentment.


  I'm not sure you said you hadn't heard or seen the Jay's but I've seen and heard both..A few things for me that made buying the Jays a no brainer..Forgetting the quality control issues or trying to forget the pro-ject documented build issues which is a major major deal..the Jay's is basically  a grand cheaper...not sure project does but I got a nice discount from USA distributor..a grands is a grand....I hate the lid opening on the project..to me it just comes accross as junk and rack installation has yi be considered but that's just me..slide the Jay's transport open and you will know exactly what I'm saying..the project has a seperare power supply which looks cheaper and yes its upgradable but more money more money ...the project comes in at 6 lbs,lol..the Jay's is 35 lbs..it's like Oppo compared to Esoteric,like a brick build as they say...Jay's as far as I know makes 3 products...project no clue on the numbers but they dabble in a lot of stuff....I don't know my friends but for me it wasn't even close....

Don’t limit yourself to these two brands, look at Simaudio, McIntosh, Bel Canto, determine if you want a transport or a player (go transport) and go audition if you can.

Good luck. 

I didn't get the memo were were comparing more than the 2 transports...but since you did the Cyrus if remembering correctly is old school tray loaded and built in the same manner as Oppo, if even that...carry on