Which Tube Amps To Use With Genesis Speakers?

I am considering a pair of Genesis 500's or 501's. Which tube amps would offer a good match?

I had the Jadis JA-200s with Gensis 200s and 1.5. Since the woofer towers were servoed, the amps had plenty of power and musicality. I would think the Convergent amps would also work very well. You might audition an OTL design, such as Atma-Sphere or Joule.
VTL is very good match with Genesis they have demoed at CES using VTL previously before
I strongly recommend that you think very carefully about McIntosh gear. I use the G200's and the 100 Watt VAC monoblocks I use are not enough. You need at least 200 watts to start with. Thus , a 350 Watt McIntosh would fit the bill nicely. I'm selling my VAC's Interested anyone
VAC High Powered Monoblocks MKIII and VAC Vintage Line MKIII
I have a pair of G501's and a pair of G350's and use Manley Neo-Classic 250 monoblocks. After going through several different amplifiers, including Tube and Solid State designs, I have found the Manley amps to be the best in my experience with these speakers. The Manleys offer selectable triode or tetrode modes. Most of my listening is with the 100W triode mode but some large scale music (big band or orchestral) needs the full 250W treatment in tetrode mode.