Which Tuner?

Any feedback on Onix bwd-1 British Tuner? Also Accuphase T-1000 British Tuner? How do they compare w/Mag Dyna lab FT-101, FT-101A? Can anybody out there help me?..........
IMHO...i seriously doubt that any fm tuner "blows away" the mr-78 mcintosh. this tuner has one of the top sensitivities, s/n ratio's, selectivity, rejection and separation stats available even after 20+ years. i have this unit and it is an extremely engaging, original source like component.
i've heard the magnum ft-101a in my system - nice tuner! wouldn't trade my onix bwd1 w/soap power supply for one, tho! i have "horrible" reception - i live on the bottom of a ~1500' ridge, facing west, & the stations i listen to are ~60 miles east! w/the aid of an aps antenna, my onix gives me excellent sound on the jazz/world & classical stations in my area. no decent rock stations in my area, but the lousy ones also come in fine! :>)
I really like my Accuphase T-100. It has depth on live BSO broadcasts. I wish it had presets and a remote because I am lazy.
Certainly, the MR-78 is a very fine tuner. It may be the the worlds all time favorite Mac tuner. But IMO and others the CT-7000 is in a class above. Both Stereophile and Absolute Sound ranked it and the Sequerra I (Dick Sequerra designed the Marantz 10) as the two top tuners for several years. Of the two, Both publications preferred the CT-7000. Absolute Sound ranked the MR-78 in their next class down (Class I) but with reservations; citing audible 19-kHz carrier noise. The shop where I bought my CT-7000 (used)had a MR-78 available at the same time--at a considerably higher asking price. I preferred the sound of the Yamaha as did the others present. Another interesting tuner might be Kenwood's KT-917. It was their super tuner of about 20 years ago. Again, quite rare. I cannot comment on its sound as I have only seen them.
Been through the best and settled on the Accuphase T109. Simply superior in all areas, including build. Good luck!