Scott Tuner

Anyone else here using a Scott tuner? Which one? Hows the sound? Which tubes? Is it aligned? Did it improve after alignment?
Check John Byrns's Scott tuner site:

and the Yahoo FMtuner group:
Yes, I have the 370 wideband tuner modified, it sounds exceptional. Better than any digital tuner by far up to date. The alignment is very critical on the Scott tuners.
Just got a Scott 310E. Of the 8 or 9 tuners I currently own, this one sounds the best. That includes a McIntosh MR71, Sherwood 3000V, Sony ST-5000FW and ST-730ES, etc.

It truly does deliver an exceptional sound quality through my Thiel 3.6s, a very revealing speaker.

I noticed that the audio output amp tubes are original Mullards, btw.

Now, if I could just find a new tuning dial, one that wasn't cracked!