Whither Vitus?

I am looking for a few great integrated amps to audition with my Fyne F704 speakers and would love to audition one of the Vitus amps, either a RI-101 Mk2 or SIA-025, but Vitus amps seem to be harder to find than Jimmy Hoffa.

Any ideas on how I might get my hands on one of these, especially the RI-101 Mk2?



Their web site lists 4 US dealers plus a distributor. Have you contacted any of them to see if an audition can be arranged?

Or….you might talk to the dealer from whence the Fyne speakers came.  That’s an assumption…..from a dealer.  Otherwise +1 for armstrod.  Big Ear Stereo sells Fyne speakers, that would also be a resource.

Vitus USA retailers from their web site.
United States

3mA Audio


United States

Cake Audio


United States

Stellar Home Audio


United States

United Home Audio


please ask who in the USA services the unit if it needs repairs.

FYI:  When buying a Vitus Audio product through an unauthorised channel or on the second-hand market where no transfer of ownership is possible. 


Thanks, everyone. I did hear from one of these dealers tonight, but unfortunately, I have not yet been able to land a home audition. 

There an SIA 025 available here now for just under $15k.  There’s also an RI 100 on US AudioMart for $6500 in case that may be of interest.  Best of luck. 


Thanks very much. I saw those. The SIA-025 is in Europe and would need to be sent to the factory to change the voltage, so not quite practical for me.

The RI-100 looks like a good deal, but I am more or less focused on the 101 Mk 2 or SIA-025. If the latter, I will most likely have to be patient and look for a deal in the classifieds.