Who has seen this equipment before?

For the last several months, there have been items described as Denon "Reference" equipment popping up this site. I have never seen any of this equipment before, nor have I read a review, but it certainly seems to be moving out. Any clues? Anybody heard this gear?

Just curious, for what it's worth.
AudioAdvisor.com was selling it also on close-out. Check their website, maybe they still have information.
I found it! To to this Denon Japan/Europe website and then page down and view the products under "S" Series. The link is:


Will somebody please buy this amp so we don't have to see that silly ad anymore.
Hi Vince - I have heard the Denon S1 series monoblock set including the pre-amp. You know what level I'm at, so belive me when I say that this set is really good!!! The finish is also among the best I have ever seen - especially on the monoblocks. Compared to my TacT Millenium the sound is a litle to the dark side but still with the same amount of details. The dynamics are great and there is more power than you will ever need for "normal" speakers. The bass is a litle to boomy compared to the TacT - but compared with other analog amps I would say it's amont the higher reference class... If I saw them at a good price here in Denmark I would seriously considder purchasing them...
Thanks for the feedback all. The seller of the amps forwarded some additional information about the product line that interesting as well.
Don't be fooled by the Denon name...they definitely took the Luxman approach and made some very high-end, not mass marketed gear. There's no doubt in my mind that those pieces are quality. How they sound is subjective, but I'm sure they compare favorably in their price range. I think the pieces date back to the earlier 90s, so the technology should hold up on all units except the DAC...that's a bit dated.
The seller e-mailed me two days ago and said he was making a good living sell these units. I think he has a lot of them to push. He kind of laughed at me about the money he is making off of it.
Does this equipment relate to the earlier "Retail Price" thread? Are these the slippery ads with the PT Barnum esque "STATE OF THE ART, DUAL CHASSIS BLAH BLAH BLAH", retail value $500,000,000 can be yours if you act now for only..... P.S. It's DENON. Oh, I guess that's why you DESCRIBED the component without mentioning the manufacturers name?!?! This type of cheesey behaviour really detracts from the otherwise wonderful atmosphere of this site. I have no interest in this equipment at any price and even less knowing that the seller is laughing all the way to the bank with his infomercial style ads. I bet the posts praising the equipment are written by the same guy.
I doubt that many frequenters of Audiogon would pony up for Denon products at these prices. Now, maybe if the local Tweeter or Best Buy had them in stock, they would sell a ton to the guys who walk in and say "I want THE BEST audio system you have...". The pimply teen could then point him over to the shiny gold amps. He could then procees to dem them with one of 40 pairs of speakers in the glass enclosed "listening" room.
That was supposed to be "proceed to demo". Also, I can only guess who gave me the two -2 ratings on this post...