Who Owns Pure Note Cerulean Cables???

I currently own the Epsilons but could not find out much on the newer Cerulean cables. Any opinions from current owners as to their sound?


I had the epsilon v4 and switched to the ceruleans. I use both the biwired speaker cables and balanced interconnects. In my system the Ceruleans have a smoother and denser sound, more resolving and holographic. The epsilons are a bit brighter and have an overall leaner and more airy character to them which seem to accentuate detail.
I agree with Togo. The Cerulean cables are a great improvement over the Epsilons. They are very neutral and focused. I own both the ic's and speaker cables. IMO, nothing comes close to the Ceruleans especially in their price range.
Don't know about Epsilons, but Cerulean is a wonderful cable for the money. My system becomes bright when I put in silver cables, so bright I can't listen to string music for more than 10 seconds. Cerulean is able to resolve detail and create air/ambience without sounding bright, something most silver can't do. On top, it has excellent coherence and not lean like most silver. Bottom end is also full and extended with excellent pace and details. In short, I love my 5 meter XLR Cerulean.

The only other cable that I have heard in my system that equals the Cerulean is Audience AU24, but have you checked out a 5 meter XLR AU24 retail recently?
Ive used Cerulean for about 300 hours now, and agree with above reviews, especially about smooth/accurate bass response, the treble is very subtle, at first thought is was muted, now realize just no psychoacoustic garbage on top end to distract. This is the first high-end cable for me so I do not have other fancy stuff in house to compare with, but have made many many DIY and borrowed other stuff and the Cerulean is vastly superior to any I have had in my system.......good luck.
Perfect cable. I was about to get rid of my speakers due to their allegedly dull midrange and muted highs, but with the Cerulean bi-wire cables everything has changed. The bass became tighter, the midrange open and uncolored and the highs acquired perspective and airy character which is difficult to describe. Well done!
I have used Pure Note cables since the beginning (Signature model) over 5 years ago. The Cerulean are their best cables to date (did not care for the Epsilons). The cables are extremely good for silver, no edge or thinness. Very good soundstage too. I sold my expensive, overpriced cables and upgraded my amp with the extra cash.
Thanks folks. I finally sprang for the Ceruleans and have not looked back. Now I need to buy more Christmas presents.