Pure Note Cerulean

I am trying a pair of xlr interconnects and have found them to be terrific. Bested transparent ultras I was using.
Has anyone tried the speaker cables. How long does Pure Note generally have their new products on sale? Do I need to rush? Thanks
I am auditioning the speaker cables now and they are quite good, far better than my Nordost SPM Ref. Completely different than the Epsilon series which were great for the i/c. Who knows how long they will be on sale??? Maybe this is the last day??? Why don't you ask them???
I have decided to take plunge, replacing all my transparent interconnects as well as transparent ultra xl cables for center and fronts. Expect to receive on Friday and will let people know how they sound once they settle in.
Interested in your review. They blow away the Epsilons IMO.

Sonic Genius' Reference Stereo System a/o February 2004:

Martin-Logan Prodigy speakers.
Krell FPB400cX power amp. Modified with IEC power inlet.
Krell KCT preamp.
Sony SCD-1 SACD player.

Sutherland PHD phono preamp (battery).
VPI TNT-HR-X turntable, JMW 12.5 tonearm.
Grado Statement phono cartridge.

Pure Note Cerulean Cables interconnects and speaker cables.
Are you also using the PNs between your VPI and Sutherland? (RCAs, I would guess.)

What have you found to be the biggest difference between the Epsilons and Ceruleans in general?

I have all Epsilon 4s in my system except speaker wire, VPI-to-Ono and digital cable. (I have an 8 meter run of PNs between the pre and amps).

Thanks for your consideration.

System at the present time:
VPI TNT V / JMW 12.5 / XYZ 1000 Airy
Pass Labs Aleph Ono
Wadia 23 (used as transport)
Audiomeca Enkianthus Dac
Panasonic SV-3800 DAT
Nakamichi ZX9 cassette deck
Pass Labs X1 pre-amp
Bryston 7 Bsst
B&W Matrix 802/S III on Sound Anchor stands
Velodyne HGS 18/II
Acoustic Zen MC2 digital cable
Pure Note Epsilon v.4 XLR/XLR
ELF cable RCA/RCA (TT to pre)
ELF Silver Reference (you HAVE TO hear these! Price-to-sound ratio is extraordinary in my setup.)
Signal Cable and JP cables Maximum Gold power cords
Powervar ABC 1200-11 power conditioner (for digital gear only)
Powervar ABC302-11 (analog gear)
Dedicated 20 amp lines
I originally used the Siltech VPI-Sutherland connection, now the Cerulean which is very detailed and musical. Epsilon Ref. did not work well here.

The Epsilon Refs V4 were very good cables until I heard the Ceruleans. There is no comparison IMO. The Cereulean sounds like a different cable, like the difference between live and recorderd music. I wish Pure Note had made the Cereuleans first but I guess that is progress.

Pure Note tells me the Cereulean cables were developed in-house and is a complete departure from the Epsilon.
Sonic - I know you are very familiar with pure note and are now using cerulean. I sent Tom a question about cookers and haven't heard back yet. I am thinking about giving them about 24 hours of treatment instead of waiting 100+ hours to hear difference. My transparents are well broken in and am not sure how long it will take to hear tonality. Would like your advice.
I have not found the AH cooker to speed up time on cables. Some will argue the current is too high for interconnects. I no longer use one. I just listen to my discs and enjoy better sound over time as the cables burn-in.
I am about 100 hours into the recommended 150 hour burn in. Using 3 pairs of Ceruleans: phono from CD to Krell KRC-HR, balanced from pre to Krell KSA-250 and speaker cables to Thiel 2.3's.

There was an astonishing breakthough at around the 50 hour mark. Gotta admit - I'm a bit of a skeptic on some of this audiophile voodoo - but I think my cat could even hear the difference - it was very dramatic.

Tom (at PureNote) spent over an hour on the phone with me discussing the cables and things in general. Can't say enough about the company and the product. Good people, good stuff!


To the best of my recollection - they were somewhere between a wire coat hanger or some leftover guy wire from the phone company. I am only slightly kidding.

Being a very patient (or terribly anal) person - I had run the Thiels for over a year on a Yamaha receiver and plain ole 12 ga. CL2 jacketed cable while I researched my move to "the other side". I picked up the 2 Krell pieces on AG and (with several recommendations from Goners') talked to Tom at Pure Note. This is really my first attempt at putting together what I hope is a pleasurable system. So far the result of the Krell power on the somewhat power hungry Thiels and the crystal clear cables has been amazing. It seems to be just slightly crisp (I can't quite say harsh) in the mids. But again, this has all come together in just the past 3 weeks or so. I still have a lot of placement and room tweeking to experiment with before I draw too many conclusions. So yeah, I'm just beginning the journey. It sounds like it will be a rush.

I have a pair of speaker cables which have been burning in on my Frycleaner for about five days now. I will listen on Monday, preliminary listening session was very good. The highs and mids were a bit sterile in my system. I have RSA Midnight Edition IC,s and was curious if anyone has done a comparison with the new Ceruleans. I think I might try a few pair but would like a little advice if available.
Macjup and the others who have tried the Cerulean in the meantime, what have been your results, comparisons?
Do a search, as there is much info on Pure Note. I bought my Cereleans when they first came out in Jan. '04. Over time they have allowed me to experience my system without concern that I have the right cables. Quite pleased.
After 4 months of extensive listening, I have found the Ceruleans to be very detailed and dynamic without exhibiting an etched fatigue sound that you can get from silver cables. Mine are XLRs and have replaced Cardas Golden Reference cables from my SACD player to pre. I still own the Goldens and still have them in my system. I like them both very much, the Golden's for their natural sound and the Ceruleans for their remarkable ability to bring out detail.
Seems like the Cerulean is a departure from other Pure Note models. Some could say it's actually closer to what Ridge Street is doing. Coincidence?
Pure Note makes a great cable especially for the money. I wonder why Ridge Street is always challenging Pure Note when there are stronger competitors out there. Pure Note is just one of them.
LOL! Thanks for the chuckle genius. That was almost so slick that I couldn't pass up a comment!

Actually, I consider the performance of what we're doing more on an even playing field with more significant high performance cabling from other companies but challenging? Chasing!? Who said that!? That's never been my premise. We do what we do and the performance of what we're doing has landed in company with some pretty esteemed names in the cable biz.

Kind Regards,
Sonic_genius, what, then, are your impressions/comparisons of/with the Cerulean?
Sonic_genius or physcicanimal, I would also like to know what your direct comparisons are between the Ridgestreet's and the Pure Notes.
It does not matter what I think. The success of any cable brand depends on what works in your system. In my case the Pure Note products are a good match. You can learn more by doing a search to get opinions but ultimately you must try a few brands to see what works best for you.
Does anyone else wonder this? I sometimes take a look at the different threads people respond to. Anyone else ever take a look at Sonic_genius'? It is like he has a megaphone for Pure Note cables and that is it. Sonic_genius if you happen to be an innocent contributor, I personally apologize. However, with reading everything that comes to mind that you have ever written about is like you have a vested interest or own part of Pure Note. Also, out of my curious nature, have you ever tried the Poiema's? It would only seem logical that you have before you say another cable is "better" without even knowing in your own system.
rch10, sonic_genius, and others, and goners ask about your impressions/comparisons/experiences, they want a real answer instead of "Do a search, as there is much info on Pure Note". If there were, we would not ask. There are only two - inconclusive at that - reviews on the older Epsilon, there is none on the Cerulean (if anybody found one, please tell me). Phrases like " I bought my Cereleans when they first came out in Jan. '04. Over time they have allowed me to experience my system without concern that I have the right cables. Quite pleased" are worthless in a forum like this. Please give the details. Both the Pure Notes and the Ridge Street cables may in fact be as good as they say, but the closer I study these threads, the more careful I become. That is true for Ridge Street as well. I found it highly suspicious, to give one example, that in Ridge´s ad for his Poiema here on the gon the alleged listener who says "Better than everything else, including Pure Note", is an Audiogoner from Australia who has not been active on this forum, except from his Ridge Street advertisement.
Ahh, so I see that the comments by sonic_genius (Pro PURE NOTE) were to counter Physcicanimals comments (Pro Ridgestreet) and that neither one of them really have anything to contribute to how one cable compares to the other.
Even though insinuating comments were made by both to hint that one company was trying to copy what the other had done we see this statement which disclaims anything that is said.
"It does not matter what I think".
Well if that's true, why waste our time reading what has been written.
And that Richards comments were because phscicanimal probably notified him that someone was commenting on Ridgestreet.
Now where is Pure Note's comment.

Again, as many times in the past, here are the finger puppets or shills coming out of their holes to snap, bark, and support their little campaigns by slinging acusatory statements such as "Seems like the Cerulean is a departure from other Pure Note models. Some could say it's actually closer to what Ridge Street is doing. Coincidence?"

Perhaps somewhere on Audiogon, their should be a list of members that identify them for what they are so that the inexperienced member can make sound decisions based on real facts.

Am I tuned into this correctly?
Hi Hassel.

Boy, where to start. My intent here is to first be of benefit to you. If, at some point you try our cabling as a result of this and the personal email I sent you, then that is better still. If not, not to worry, I'm still confident Ridge Street will stay afloat without your business and in the midst of that, we're still enthusiasts wanting to get the most from our music enjoyment and what each of us might do to help others.

Honestly Hassel, genius said it right when the jist of what he said is you need to go on your own adventure of discovery. The reward will show up in time if it hasn't already. If you play it safe by making a decision based on others experiences, you'll most likely end up with doubt and no firm convictions of your own. Or possibly worse, you'll play the lemming. For one reason or another, this happens way to often in this hobby though it seems too few are willing to recognize or acknowledge it.

I know direct comparisons are out there but perhaps one reason you've not been able to find any ink on that comparison is that those folks are, in part, busy enjoying their music having taken certain risks and then enjoying reward for their effort. I know it's true too that...even with or without AudiogoN, some people have a life! LOL!

Most enthusiasts who understand this hobby realize that, aside from enjoying the music they care about, the play back gear is about a journey with rest stops along the way. Not about a destination where all is finally perfect forever after.

If I could be of any encouragement to you, I would say go on an adventure and have some fun. Discover things (cabling in this instance) for yourself. Take the risks involved and enjoy the rewards as well as the recovering from the possible mistakes that, nevertheless, leave you sure with no doubts and the wiser for yourself. If you don't, then it seems to me all your left with is full of care or, as you say, more careful and suspicious.

Just for a bit of insight, the only reason why the review in our Poiema! ad came to be was because I asked (which I haven't made a habit of) Mnh if he would do that for us. He was the very first (even before it was formally introduced) to purchase the Poiema! cabling and the partnering with his caliber of associated gear was exactly what I had in mind when I designed the Poiema! line. I felt that his relating his experience with these cables would provide others with another valid option in their audition and decision process for cables that they might not otherwise consider. Other than that post, I know Mnh is much to busy with his business and travels to spend his free time posting as much as perhaps some of us might like. Still, he is an active A'gon member from at least February, 2003 to present and his membership seems to primarily serve him and others well in regards to buying and selling. That he took time out to post on our behalf, I am still very grateful for especially since it's not his habit. BTW. it appears he's enjoying the journey and that since November, he's found a rest stop.

Anyway Hassel, I wish you good contentment with whatever it is you settle for.

Best Regards,
Michael, your assumptions are intellectual enough but are wrong. You ain't quit tuned in.

First, I double checked and I'm not Richard. Next, It's finally gotten through my sometimes thick skull. There are certain people who I should know better than to share my findings and opinions with. Can you guess who one person might be? PA's comment was not his to make, was inappropriate and as far as I'm concerned, he has betrayed my trust. That won't happen again. It's not his place to throw my hat into somebody's ring as he did here. I happened to see what he and then genius posted quite by chance. Not by any notification from anyone. I check the Cable forum here regularly enough as it appears you do too.

I'm sorry this is turning into whatever it's turning into with PA being the instigator. Frankly, for anyone perceiving PA as pro Ridge Street, please don't. I don't want the embarrassment.

Ridgestreetaudio, I wanted a simple answer to a simple question (how do sound cables like) - not a lecture on life and lemmings. "genius said it right when the jist of what he said is you need to go on your own adventure of discovery. The reward will show up in time if it hasn't already. If you play it safe by making a decision based on others experiences, you'll most likely end up with doubt and no firm convictions of your own. Or possibly worse, you'll play the lemming". Sounds all very poetic. If it was true, there would be no need for these forums. I am very well capable to make up my mind. However, as there are probably hundreds of cable producers in the US alone, every single one claiming, like you and Pure Note and Syn Res and God knows who else, that his cables are the only real ones, I want to hear from real listeners before going on a journey that for me, sitting in Moscow, not in the US, is not as easy to do. I think I am not the only one here who is fed up with people who tell you everything - but not the thing you asked them to. No disrepect for you or your cables meant. As I said: They may be good.
Sorry about the Richard, Robert. I respect your statement and very well put.
I just really get irritated at some of the flatus blowing that goes on in Audiogon. As a manufacturer, I would much rather have someone post that they tried my product and thought it stunk. At least that gives credibility to their position. But, for someone to throw little stones at manufacturer's without even trying the product is why there are so many people that never find out just how wonderful some of the products made by the little guys can be.

Best of life to you,
I want to comment or at least acknowledge from a consumer standpoint, I appreciate RidgeStreetAudio & Michaelhwolff's usernames in that they are both honest in who they are and no smoke and mirrors up front and foremost.

My post above was a bit of a suprise to me when I clicked on Sonic_genius' "anwers" and EVERYTHING, I think 171 or something like that was all cable talk. All pro Pure Note, no substance. Who on here comments on only one topic? We all search for direction, help, sometimes for ourselves, sometimes for others. But to be commenting on this board with the sole purpose to mouthpiece a product without letting others know you are affiliated with the company is shameless... just an observation some may want to be aware of...
Audiofankj: I have NO affiliation with Pure Note. I am a big supporter and have been a beta test customer (invited). To be quite frank, I would never want to be an audio merchant since there is no real money in it. It is far more fun to enjoy the music.
Why do you say that Sonic_genius is affiliated with Pure Note? He says he isn't.................
Like sonic, I too have been very pro Pure Note. I too have no affiliation with them other that having tested and then buying a lot of their power cords for all of my Krell gear. The improvement was not subtle.

Just an observation anyone can make. Under each post, your moniker, which is underlined is a link to your email... next to that you can click on a link that says "threads" or "answers"... if you click on Drrdiamond's for example you will see...

Amps Preamps (99)

Speakers (86)

Digital (49)

Cables (45)

Misc (40)

these above counts were as of today of course, but one can make an educated guess that the person is reading/posting as well as helping/advising/asking in all of the above threads.

When you look at Sonic_genius' answers you see:

Speakers (1)

Cables (174)

That is it. It is POSSIBLE he is just another audiophile like us and knows all there is to know about speakers, amps, preamps, music, etc. and only has interest in cables, however that seems very unlikely to most of us that use the boards. At least to me anyone that has enough time to post 174 times on cables, would never have a question or answer regarding gear? No advice on amps, preamps, digital, etc. YET has 174 views on cables alone? Manufacturer or close friend, etc. is the writing on the wall that I see.

Perhaps I am wrong. Seems odd to be so "one dimensional" on this board is all...
Ahh... one last note under the Sonic_genius account, other than just 174 posts on cables, he/she also has three reviews posted for Pure Note... another coincidence I am sure. No, you detect no skepticism on my part.

I am sure the Pure Notes are good cables, as I have heard that from many. Just seems to send up a red flag when I notice an account that is only active to "glorify Pure Note cables" and basically nothing else.

Happy listening.
I have tried these cables and I could not agree more with Sonic genius. If you like detail, instrumentals, beautiful voices these cables are fantastic. The most impressive thing to me was the improvement of the bass. I had never had this effect with silver cables before. These cables are a great value for those of us that have spent thousands of dollars trying to get the right sound only to be dissapointed. Add these to your system for that detailed punch you are looking for. I am so impresses that I am ordering new bi-wire speaker cables today.
As I was thinking about Pure Note, Ridge Street and Argent, among others, I decided to give Pure Note Cerulean a try - simply because they sounded as good as the others, but a bit cheaper with theirn discount at this time. You have to start somewhere, so I mailed Tom Swenson of Pure Note for a quotation for S/Cs and I/Cs. I offered to pay by bank transfer, Swenson answered that he does not accept bank transfers, as it was a security risk. I asked how this could be, as I wanted to transfer the money plus shipping costs to his account in the US before he had to send out anything. He answered that these were the recommendations of the US Homeland Security Office, but that he would accept a bank draft cheque. I answered that, with all due respect, the fight against terrorism had its satirical aspects if a German customer cannot even get the coordinates of a US bank account these days, but that I would contact my bank about the cheque nonetheless. This I did, and accordingly wrote that I was willing to forward a cheque. I have not heard from Pure Note since, although I send several e-mails, the only reason I can imagine is hurt patriotism. It`s a sad thing and a sign of the times, that even a hobby like high end gets touched by this. I even tried to order through Pure Note´s website, but obviuously Swenson decided not to sell to somebody who would call a security element of the US Homeland Security Office satirical. Still, at leat an answer to my inquiries would have been appropriate, I think. So I will now buy Ridge Street Audio cables. Strange how even things audio can develop these days.
Well, I can't blame Pure Note. No way I would give out my checking account information to anyone. The latest trend is forged bank checks. So why did you not pay by credit card?
I can't believe people are defending Pure Note on this. They are a business! They should find ways to accept money from customers! Ever hear "the customer is always right" ? Ridiculous what excuses some people will make to avoid a little extra work.

Hassel, do give Robert a call at Ridge Street Audio. I am certain he will take care of you without insult.
Audiofankj: Tired of you being the "Audiogon police" especially for suggesting that I work for Pure Note. I have forwarded your posts to my attorney for his comments.
rch10, you asked "Why did you not pay by credit card?" International customers often do not do it because you may need to produce proof of payment to customs of even the postal system. With a bank transfer, I can get proof of the transfer from my bank within a few hours in writing. If a business does not give the coordinates of its bank account, I for one do not see what the account is good for in the first place. But this is not what I did not like about Pure Note´s reaction. I did not like not receiving an answer, even an answer they would not like to do business with me, after sending, and re-sending, half a dozen e-mails in ten days. In my view, this is bad manners, that´s why I posted about it.
turning to Robert of Ridge Street Audio is exactly what I did. I have been very pleased with his quick answers and the way he treats even a terrorist-suspect German customer. So we are just about to fix a deal
Hassel: I will say this. I called my bank manager about the wire transfer "risk." He did confirm that it is a risk and did not recommend giving out bank routing numbers and account info. So, if Pure Note chose not to do this it is their right but it is not fair for you to trash them.
Tom at Pure Note is one of the best people in high-end audio to deal with! Remember, he has the right, and responsibility to run his business the way he feels is honest and safe.

Your not buying (or trying) his product, is more your loss than his.

Let me make a comment:

ANY COMPANY, yes ANY can set up a secondary bank account with NO FUNDS in it, just to receive wire transfers. Once the money is wired, withdrawal and deposit into your main account. If someone wanted to "give" a compnay thousands of dollars of business, it only makes sense that the company be able to actually sell their goods. Make sense?

I actually DO understand, it is not the easiest transaction. My wife owns her own business. Doing business the proper way is not always the "easiest" or most "convenient". However, take a look at successful companies and they find a way to make the customer happy as well as take their money with a friendly smile and a hearty handshake.

Perhaps I shouldn't make public such "top secret" business tactics for success.
Audiofankj: I used to run a small online business. The problem with wires, bank drafts, and money orders is the refund process. If your business runs on credit cards it is easier to do a credit compared to the other methods. Most people buy with credit cards. Hassel stated (on AudioAsylum) that he wanted to avoid custom fees by not using a credit card.
Very interesting, my email(wanting to buy their cables) was ignored by RSA, I suggested wire transfer ( I'm in New Zealand), maybe that was why I got ignored? Still, a reply with any content would have been nice.
You will not be disappointed. I have bought 3 of his cables and the customer service is outstanding. Furthermore, he is incredibly helpful with his store of audio engineering/acoustic knowledge. I have used RSA Poiema! to successfully replace an XLO Limited i/c with no loss of any aspect of performance - and that is quite a cable! I have both PAD Dominus and RSA Poiema i/cs and am currently waiting for some Dominus to compare as my final choice in s/c in my set-up.
An no, I dont work for RSA! I may even try Pure Note Cerulean to compare, given our common disease.........
believe it or not: The transfer question was of second importance to me. As I already wrote, I was willing, and wrote Pure Note so, to pay by a) cheque b) credit card c) Paypal. The only thing I really got annoyed about was not receiving an answer from Pure Note in ten days time.
Jml8473, I suggest you e-mail again. If anything, Robert is responsive. The original RSA fan, who wrote glowing reviews, is from Kiwiland.