Who Was Your Favorite One Hit Wonder

What was your favorite one hit wonder song, and who performed it? You can name one or a few.

I loved (and still do) "Voices Carry" performed by Till Tuesday.

C'mon. Put on your thinking caps.
I think it is a bit unfair, and not a little bit provincial, to cite as "one hit wonders" performers who, for a time, dominated the singles charts internationally, yet nevertheless only managed one hit single in the US. On this account, T-Rex was no more a one-hit wonder than were The Beatles. As for The Hollies, they were a hit machine almost everywhere. "Long Cool Woman" was not their only success in the US. In the 1967 US charts, both "Carousel" and "Carrie Anne" were among the 100 top selling singles of the year. "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" was similarly among the top 100 US singles of 1970.
El Debarge - Rythm Of The Night
-Can't think about this song without a "Miami Vice" association. A great little tune!
Was not Was, "walk the dinosaur" (or something like that); "up down periscope" by Novo Combo. I'd add "More than a Feeling" by Boston, but that's more an editorial comment.
Fontella Bass "Rescue Me"
Little Eva "Locomotion"

Two fun songs from the early sixties
David Essex "Rock On" has to be on this list - truly an outstanding pop single.