Why are there so many wooden box speakers out there?

I understand that wood is cheap and a box is easier to make than a sphere but when the speaker companies charge tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for their speakers, shouldnt consumers expect more than just a typical box? Are consumers being duped?

Back in the 70’s a speaker engineer found that a sphere was best for a speaker. A square box was the worst and a rectangular box was marginally better.

The speaker engineers have surely known about this research so why has it been ignored?

Cabasse is the only company doing spheres. Should wooden boxes be made illegal


While we are on the topic, how about all those wooden violins, cellos, bongos , etc out there?   Someone needs to do something about that!   

They have to be wooden in order to produce sound. A concrete violin would make very little noise. A speaker box has to be silent. Only the cone needs to vibrate. However that has nothing to do with what we are discussing. The real problem is BOXES, wooden or not. I'd say get rid of all those boxes! 

"I'd say get rid of all those boxes!"

You would certainly be in the minority, but I guess you are used to that. 

This is an easy question.

Today the equipment to evaluate speakers can be purchased relatively quickly and with a modicum of knowledge anybody can create a set of speakers using this software/hardware.


Box speaker work well enough;  I have my preference for some of the panel speakers that create a great sound stage (although I can't afford the electrostatics I really want).    But I can get by with box speakers, particularly when I just want to listen to background music.