Why aren't all modern vinyl releases 45s?

I have purchased a handful of brand-new records released post CDs, and all of them are 33s, except for Baroness' Blue album, which is two LPs of 45s. The audio quality is far superior to the 33s, and there is plenty of room left on the other records (usually 2x LP) to fit the groove density required of the higher rpm. All of this makes me wonder if these bands want to go through the effort of releasing vinyl in the digital age, why not maximize quality?



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As for 45 rpm LPs, they are as a rule better sounding. The dynamic range is a little wider as is the bandwidth. Distortion is a little lower particularly at the inside of the record. If they are not pressed to the highest standards the noise they produce can be more annoying as it is pitched higher. It seems that more care is taken in the production and manufacture of these discs as their consumer base tends to be more discriminating. They cost more and require more exercise. An auto lifter makes life a lot easier. The Little Fwend is handily the best, highly recommended. If it is a well recorded and mastered favorite work it is worth it. The only other discs that can compare are the D2D's. 

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Nah, 45 is barely any better than 33 1/3. Just wait a little bit. I'm working on producing high fidelity 78 RPM discs. Two and a half minutes or pure sonic bliss. They will sound so great that the rest of your system won't matter. Coming soon


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It’s not worth issuing on 45 rpm vinyl unless it’s a top notch recording mix. I have a few from MoFi and Analogue Productions and they are superb. Very quiet, accurate and tons of image. Dream with Dean (Martin) by Analogue is amazing. But I don’t buy many 45’s due to the cost and as Blisshifi says having to turn the record over after just a few songs. 

Why aren't all modern cars replicas of the Mazda Miata?

A valid question, though I've learnt to save what remains of my hearing with earplugs when the roof is down. I bought an NA in 1991 and have put nearly 50k km on her during the 31 short summers since.

As for 45rpm vinyl, buy one of Reference Recordings releases of Doug MacLeod and you'll quickly see why it would be wonderful if everything sounded like that!

Reference Recordings are not comparable to any average 45. First, they’re not reissues; they are derived directly from live performances, but I agree they’re marvelous.