Why aren't ALL remotes like Playstation PS3 ?

Just purchased a Sony Playstation as a birthday gift. Wow, the remote is BLUETOOTH, meaning you can actually put the main unit behind wooden doors, or in a closet, or in a different room, and you can still operate it at a distance.

When I think of the high-ticket cd and DVD players that use a ''sophisticated'' and expensive remote that you still have to point and shoot withing a few degrees...

That Playstation by the way is pretty impressive. Blu-Ray with a BEAUTIFULL picture, DVD, CD, Web connectivity, and of course gaming, even for old audiophiles to try!

Now if only those solid-billet remotes could work the same as the cheezy playstation, that would be something.
I have been wondering the same thing...pointing in at a component directly is so 2000!
As a Blu-Ray player the PS3 is just as good or very near the equal of any high-end audio/videophool-approved BR player - don't knock it.
I'd imagine that blue tooth is far more expensive to implement than IR or whatever else the hifi companies are using. And a lot of hifi guys aren't using their remotes. I've gotten far better results with universal remotes like Harmony remotes than the factory remotes when it comes to distance and angle usability.

I think the markup on a PS3 is very small for Sony. The money's in the software, not hardware. Its like the XBox 360 - Microsoft actually loses money on every XBox 360 they sell. They make that money back and then some with games and peripherals.

Big companies can take the risk with minimal profit or even losses on manufacturered goods, because the other stuff asscoiated with it makes it worth it. Relatively speaking, tiny companies like the hifi manufacturers need to make far more money per unit just to break even. Maybe the blue tooth remote will bring up prices too high and make the gear far less competitive against similarly priced non-blue tooth remote stuff?

Maybe I'm way off here, but that's my theory anyway.
Chadnliz your comment ''...a PS3, its a toy'' Sorry, but you sound like a typical old-school audiosnob.

About the PS3, they also used to say that about the ipod also until Wadia thought otherwise. Now, maybe you think the ipod is also a toy?

The PS3 sure doesn't sound like a toy to me. Used with a Cambridge Audio DacMagic its actually pretty good on the cd audio side of things.

The fact that its a great Blu-ray player (one of the best), photo viewer, internet browser,250GB capacity, and what else, is icing on the cake.

So you don't get bragging rights because it lacks a metal casing with a 1/2 inch-thick faceplate...and lacks an obscenely expensive price tag. Who cares?

For once, we are really paying for the candy, not the wrapper.

Anyone else agree with me ?
Sonic I agree with you its a enjoyable player with respectable audio
With dac magic on board
If you play games on it then its a toy, you cant do your taxes on it, you cant use it for CAD, you buy games to play on it.............its a toy.
Dedicated players like Oppo load faster and are quieter aswell.
I'll now go do my taxes on the Oppo and then get to some CAD drawings which by the way will look great on either the plasma or the projector.

All kidding aside, the only advantage the Oppo offers, is in DVD playback because of the ABT chip. BR picture quality is the same on both machines, loading times are very comparable and fan noise on the newest slim is a non issue except for those who sit within three feet from the unit.
"If you play games on it then its a toy, you cant do your taxes on it, you cant use it for CAD, you buy games to play on it.............its a toy.
Dedicated players like Oppo load faster and are quieter aswell."

Actually, one can do their taxes on it and use it for CAD. It's called Linux and I have it running on my PS3. Not that it matters. The PS3 is an excellent all around media system but it is quite noisy and for critical listening, I would have to have it in another room and I would want to have another SACD player side by side for comparison. Still, having these features makes it an excellent family unit.
iirc...the PS3 remote will not turn the machine on/off. One must physically arise from their seated position to power down.