Universal Remotes for hifi components?

Hi all,

I just got an Electrocompaniet ECI-3 integrated amp and an Audio Refinement CD Complete Alpha. Since I have to buy a remote for the AR anyway, I'm wondering if there's something I can buy that would be able to control the CD player and the amp from one device. The answer is probably no, but boy would it be nice...
you could always get a learning remote? You shot the IR commands at the learning remote, assign the code to a button, and presto - a learning remote. Home theater maseter, harmony, marantz, philips pronto, etc make some.

Aroc is right but there in lyes the problem Which one to get. I had a Marantz RC2000MKII for years and loved it so much I bought a second one. I would be using them today if they had more memory. I have the Marantz RC1400 now and it is ok but not as functional as I would like. Look at universalremotes.com for the home theater master series they seem to be the most popular hard button remotes.
I was so pleased with the Sony RM-VL900 that I got for my 2-channel system (it was the only one I found that properly dealt with my McIntosh pre) I ended up getting another 2 for the HT system. My wife and I each have one up there and having the ability to clone one unit onto another has been useful.
Thanks for the advice, guys. I always thought that most commercial universal remotes worked for 99% of normal electronic equipment, but not for esoteric (not the brand) hifi stuff.
I would suggest you look at the harmony Remotes, www.harmonyremote.com

They are easy to use, you set them up on line and they can custom configure it for anything you want. Mine controls my Linn Pre/Pro and Esoteric DV-50 without any problems, it's all hard buttons too which is really nice in the dark, and is far cheaper than the Theater Master. (The Harmony 659 can be had for ~$150)
Second the Harmony remote. I was able to program my Harmony to recognize my NEC plasma along with rest of other HT gears, that was quite an achievement because NEC plasma is build for professional market and very customizeable which makes most other remote impossible to control.
Does anyone know of any programmables that are reeaaally simple? As in what would normally come with a CD player + a volume control?

That's really all I need. And, as embarrasing as this is, I care about aesthetics :)

Theo - check out the home theather master MX-500. It's very similar to the marantz rc2000. i had the rc2000 mki once. roommatehad a mx500. it was pretty good. i preferred the black lighting, battery life, and IR signal strength of teh mx-500 over the rc2000. the marantz was pretty poor in all three regards.

lousyreeds1 - how about the weemote, link. or are you looking for something with a number pad? The Harmony SST-768 might fit the bill, but it's sort of pricey (to me).

The weemote is cool, but I'm just not sure I can deal with looking at that thing all the time! I don't need a number pad. I essentially need a CD player remote with an added volume control.
ROTFLMAO at the thought of an audiophile using a weemote on a high-end stereo. I think I understand your concern!
I read there is a MKll weemote coming out soon.
I will be called the weeweemote.Supposed to be even cooler looking than the wee!