Why do people selling on E Bay "USE" Audiogon?

It seems to me that if you are using Audiogon to advertise and sell your product, then you should be able to buy it on Audiogon. Any thoughts?
Audiogon is better than E bay!! The sellers & buyers more educated about their hobby & equipment, they have a sense of self policing to keep the format honest & truly an interactive club society. I wouldn't buy anything on Ebay as I have little trust in the people w/ whom I am dealing
audiogon - people are more inclined to help you out and give you tips on setup etc

ebay - I've had a few great steals but I don't find the quality stuff as consistently

nos tube buys on ebay are so hit or miss it pays to get a reputable audiogon dealer

I'm with Jenney on this one. It has nothing to do with "winning", it has to do with the deal. Folks here are more honest and more knowledgeable. We love our equipment, take care of it, and want it to go to someone who will take care of and enjoy it. The prices here are somewhat higher than on eBay, but here you are more likely to get a good piece of equipment that is as least as good as advertised.

As to why some sellers advertise here for an item for auction on eBay: I think it's cheezey and I'm surprised the A'gon honchos tolerate it. I refuse to give my custom to sellers who won't sell where they advertise.
I'm with Jenney as well. I've been here since the begining and only lately I've been getting people wanting to buy stating "check my feedback on eBay". They, only they, and 100% are the ones that make promises and don't carry through. I'll send money....only never to rcv funds and never heard from again. If you want somethng from me, you had not tell me you are from eBay.

Goner's are more friendly, helpful, knowledgable and honest. (I hate to make all eBay'ers sound bad....but all the ones I've dealt with are).
I won't complain because these eBayers have to pay the $2 fee to advertise their wares just like the rest of us ... if you don't like it, ignore the ad but remember the $$$ goes to improve this site which is one of the best of its type on the net. Without cash AudiogoN would not be able to continue to provide the services they do (show coverage, etc).