Why do people selling on E Bay "USE" Audiogon?

It seems to me that if you are using Audiogon to advertise and sell your product, then you should be able to buy it on Audiogon. Any thoughts?
I have to say that transactions here at Audiogon are a lot more professional and I like the people better (Easier to work with). At E-bay it's like being at a third world flea market. But if the product I want pops up there and the price is right I'll usually be all over it!
What difference does it make? Ebay doesn't make a particular seller riskier than audiogon or vice versa. One can rip you off just as easily here as there. The auctions are run a little differently, but I don't think differences are that big of a deal. Emailing is the same, the players are the same, but the soothing yellow, sadly, is absent from Ebay. There may be a price advantage of one site over the other depending on model, but that's about it fo me. I really hate auctions, though. I have little common sense, so please tell me if there is some other reason to want to win at one place over the other.
Audiogon is better than E bay!! The sellers & buyers more educated about their hobby & equipment, they have a sense of self policing to keep the format honest & truly an interactive club society. I wouldn't buy anything on Ebay as I have little trust in the people w/ whom I am dealing
audiogon - people are more inclined to help you out and give you tips on setup etc

ebay - I've had a few great steals but I don't find the quality stuff as consistently

nos tube buys on ebay are so hit or miss it pays to get a reputable audiogon dealer

I'm with Jenney on this one. It has nothing to do with "winning", it has to do with the deal. Folks here are more honest and more knowledgeable. We love our equipment, take care of it, and want it to go to someone who will take care of and enjoy it. The prices here are somewhat higher than on eBay, but here you are more likely to get a good piece of equipment that is as least as good as advertised.

As to why some sellers advertise here for an item for auction on eBay: I think it's cheezey and I'm surprised the A'gon honchos tolerate it. I refuse to give my custom to sellers who won't sell where they advertise.
I'm with Jenney as well. I've been here since the begining and only lately I've been getting people wanting to buy stating "check my feedback on eBay". They, only they, and 100% are the ones that make promises and don't carry through. I'll send money....only never to rcv funds and never heard from again. If you want somethng from me, you had not tell me you are from eBay.

Goner's are more friendly, helpful, knowledgable and honest. (I hate to make all eBay'ers sound bad....but all the ones I've dealt with are).
I won't complain because these eBayers have to pay the $2 fee to advertise their wares just like the rest of us ... if you don't like it, ignore the ad but remember the $$$ goes to improve this site which is one of the best of its type on the net. Without cash AudiogoN would not be able to continue to provide the services they do (show coverage, etc).
Please realize that with a seller advertising here, merely comparing an ebay v. audiogon seller becomes meaningless. One could sell at either place and their ethics would stay the same. In order to make any decent guess as to the upstandingness of a gon/bay seller, you would have to explore the motivation as to why someone would ad here and sell at ebay. Anyone who intends on scamming surely knows that a ripoff here has roughly the same (i.e. no) consequence as at ebay. Its really just that they want the more money. The items I have seen advertised here and sold at ebay are mid-fi models that will go for more at ebay, but might hold interest for audiogon audiophiles. Like if I was wanting to sell a pair of B&Ws, I sure as hell would go to ebay, and for $2 little dollars more, might advertise here. If I was going to rip someone off, I would probably sell here b/c the "punishment" at agon is a little easier to get around. I like audigon better as well (especially b/c ebay is soo limited for hifi), but I don't think that is the central issue.
Ohala - your statement "One could sell at either place and their ethics would stay the same." makes the most sense to me. There are saints and twerps on both sites. I don't choose to view each site through painted lenses, I just do my best to try to find good people to trade with on both. Most of the time, it works out well. Audiogon isn't the last bastion of chivalry some think it is, nor is Ebay all buggery.
There are fleas on both of these dogs. I think that you have a better chance of getting good used audio stuff on audiogon as there are a lot more sales by private parties who are actually using the equipment. E-Bay has far more attic raiders who don't have any knowledge of what they are selling, other that its price, and wouldn't know its condition other that it "looks great". But if you know what you want and are really careful about who you are buying from, really careful!, you can get a good deal at either site. Agon is more attractive to me because of its classifieds. I don't find its auctions at all attractive - I think it is used by folks trying to find out what their stuff might be worth.
You take your chances on both sites. I know of one seller with several different ID's that buys someone eles junk on E-Bay, and then puts it up for sale in a fancy add here on AudioGon!
"Ebay this, Audiogon that". Let's face some facts. I bet if you were to look at the "good to bad transaction" relationship between AudioGon and Ebay, it wouldn't surprise me if the numbers (on a percentage basis) were close. One must also consider the size of the Ebay community vs. the Agon community. Two completely different worlds.

I have been using and enjoying this site for a while now. I have seen a significant number of transactions go stale.

Integrity is a quality that must be assured by the individuals involved in the transaction. What medium is used as the vehicle for that specific transaction is irrelevant.

I have developed relationships, both on a professional and personal basis, utilizing both (and other) websites. I have found that in every case, if I conducted myself in a professional, courteous manner, and treated people with respect, I received the same in return. I have had over 40 transactions between Ebay and Agon. I have never had a single issue.

Maybe, I've been "overly fortunate". But, I would like to continue thinking in this same manner until of course someone sticks it up my GiGi. Then I would possibly have to reevaluate my method of thinking.

In terms of Agon people being more intelligent, I'm not sure I could put much value in that statement. I will say that the majority of us "Agonr's are a little more passionate about our hobby. But does that make us more intelligent?

In fact, if you really think about it, most of us would probably be willing to spend over $500 on a power cord.

How intelligent does that make us? :)

isnt the point of Poster question people placing ads here on Audiogon for something and then linking the ad to an Ebay Auction?....if so, yeah, it is pretty annoying, but another way to expose the ad to a bigger audience..
I think the advantage with Audiogon is that it is a smaller community. You sort of get to know the integrity of each other. At least more so than Ebay. So many itemes on Ebay state, 'plugged it in and the unit powers up, but not tested any further. Sold "as-is"'. This kind of assurance leaves me a little concerned.
Please see my post regarding this subject on my eBay site...

Just kidding!!! I like this site better due to it's large, diverse quantity of high quality audio equipment. I used to search ebay high and low through all the mediocre junk just to occasionally find something worthwhile. Looking through the A-Gon listing is like being a kid in a candy shop. I occasionally go back to eBay when I don't find what I am looking for here, but that isn't often.
The quality of the people here on average is far superior to Ebay. Transactions go smoothly as the competence and honesty is typically unquestionable.

I've done both for some time and it's no comparison. Audiogon members outclass Ebay members in so many ways I wouldn't know where to begin.

The people who run Audiogon are also of higher integrity than those running Ebay.