Why doesn't that movie star have...

...a high end system? Seems a curious omission from the life of a person who could obtain so much more than most. Worse: most musical stars don't have systems either! Have you noticed that on "Cribs" and E!'s show about celebrity homes, virtually noone has more than a WalMart setup? I mean, there's Fabio, but...really. These stars could have anything--and yet, no system. What's up with that?!
Since most people (including the "rich & famous") have never been exposed to a truly good system, it would be easy for them to overlook such things. Aside from that, just because one has money doesn't mean that they have good ears, good taste or common sense. Sean
I think more do then we know.From what Ive heard Eddie VanHalen has a great analog setup.
Then theres that Skull guy here on audiogon that sells all the high priced stuff.I think he is from L.A. Does anyone know him? Maybe he is "Rich And Famous"
I know the Skull guy personally, and have for several years. I was at his home a few months ago listening to his system. He lives just beyond Oakland, North of San Francisco. His is rich in that he has a very beautiful wife, a beautiful audio system and fine kitty cat. He is not rich in cash, but he is a fine person who has spent a great deal of time in and around the audio business.
Thanks Albert for the info.I always wondered who he was.He sure sells some ultra high-end stuff!