Why has Avantgarde Quality Slipped ?

I purchased a pair of Duo Omega Speakers last year.

The dealer came to the house and installed them along with all the electronics.

From the first time the speakers played their was a noise in the left speaker and the speaker connection kept dropping out. It took a few weeks to convince the dealer to return and take the internal speaker amp back to his shop.

In the end it took about 4 visits to my house to repair both new speakers plus it cost me another $800 dollars to fix the new speakers.

I've had problems with Avantgarde and the speakers from day one, spent lots of money repairing them, several weeks without any speakers and now just recently I've written three letters to Avantgarde and that have not acknowledged a single letter!

What happen to them? Is the company now run by Accountants instead of music lovers?

Has anyone else had problems with Avantgarde customer service and poor quality control or is it just how they deal with people living in Asia?
I think you're jumping to conclusions pretty quickly on the ops post. Just because this is the ops first post and Ska_mans second? Ska_man has been a Agon member for at least three years. Did it ever occur to you that someone would be into hi-fi and not be a Agon member? I would imagine as I would do, he Google searched Avantgarde and Agon showed up. Cut the guy some slack and wait it out a little before you jump to conclusions. If I paid that much for speakers I'd have done the same thing. Things fall through the cracks and people make mistakes. Who's to say Velma Lou at Avantgarde dropped the ball?
Could be a new second user account that is to hide. Searching all threads with keywords may leave clues but I dont care enough to research it. I thinks its an immature web handle and attack either way.
Chadnliz, yes it's an immature username but other than that I don't undertsnad why the person would post this. I guess maybe if it were a competitor of Avantgarde then that's a low blow.
One should excersize caution when making accusations in writing. I forget which legal term applies but something like lible might be right. One is a written falsehood another is verbal. I hope the OP can back up what he is unhappy with as some might not take it lightly that these statements were written in a public forum visited by AvanteGarde's most likely conusumers. Just sayin
Mechans makes a good point.

Open forums are not exempt from such legal scenarios TTBOMK. Slander is never good. You had better have some facts to assert a companies quality has slipped as opposed to expressing dissatisfaction in a particular case.