Why Is Krell the a bad work???

I am new in this cyber town. Please explain why Krell is such a hated word? Most every review of there products are very positive. In fact I have a 200 FPB and love it.
dekay: excellent post! i've always believed i've had a good aural memory, too. i'm sure, tho, mine's not up to yours. my problem is: i can remember the sound of lots of equipment, the name and designation of which cannot be retrieved from my memory banks. as to the time it takes to audition equipment, permit me this observation: there's certain stuff that upon a short hearing will grab you by the scrotum and lead you to beleive life's not living if you can't own it; longer auditioning, tho, will reveal that the quality that first drew you in is, in fact, fatiguing. krell amps are perfect exemplars of this phenomenon. it is because of this that i distrust short-term auditions. my practice over the past few years has been to audition a piece in my system for at least two days. if i'm seriously interested in a possible purchase after the initial audition, i require at least an additional week's play in my system. recognize, tho, that we're talkin' here of $20k+ speakers and amp/pre/dacs in similar ranges. (without modesty, i should note, i've been at this hobby for 30+ years; if dealers don't meet my expectations, i simply go elsewhere.)
Because English syntax is unusually restrictive regarding definite articles and predicate nominatives, in case you hadn't noticed. Asking "Why is Krell the a bad work?" only shamelessly begs the question, which is only all too obvious.
Cornpone, I'm sorry the name fits, but it does. Apparently you have a good "rapport" with your local dealers if what you say is to be believed. Good for you. Now, UIUC stands for The University OF Illinois at Champaign/Urbana. It is a highly regarded University for Electrical Engineering. Nuff said. My secondary education at the store was much more interesting. When you are able to gleen the minds of such people as Brian Theil, Mark Levinson, Jason Bloom and th like, You have a tendency to retain the information for a long time. When Mr. Nakamichi personally comes to introduce the new 1000 series, you take notes. Yes, my college years have stuck with me. They were the foundation on which I built my system. They do give me the right to say that I can hear the nuances. The word synergy has been used alot in these posts. This is pretty accurate description for most systems. Synergy is a positive out come from forces working for and against each other in an other wise chaotic system. That out come can only be determined by you and your ears. When listening to a new piece of equipment, I will go buy a few completley new CD's. Theycan be by performers that i'm familiar with or a complete stranger. I then see if anything really reaches out to me, if it does I reinstall the old piece and see if it can be reproduced with the same pleasure. If so, the new piece isn't worth going any further with, if not, then I proceed with the new. This usually includes writing a check. BTW I feel no need to kiss up to anyone, they simply posted the kind of responce that is truly worthy of a responce. You, I am done with. I will not respond to you again. I have better things to do with my time and effort. Terrorist or not, I'm done. You bore me.
Cornfed: I know what you mean about the ones that grab you right away with their dazzle or excessive smoothness. I have always used certain source material whether it was vinyl, in the beginning, or CD now, and listen to specific notes and instruments to see how the piece is doing. If it passes a few (five) of these simple tests then I move on to the bigger guns to see how it puts them all together. It is very tedious, but is gets things moving quickly. Right now I am auditioning some new cone points and platforms. My wife is ready to vomit at the sound of some of these pieces:-)
khrys: i really like your sense of humor. did you teach english, too? english major? major smart guy? spend all evening with strunk & white?