Hello, with all the amazing Yes (for example) high resolution streaming from Qobuz especially, why no Genesis?
Is it because of the original recordings (I think not), the interest or desire level, or perhaps copyrights etc?
I want my Genesis!  Ken
I bought pretty much all the early Genesis LPs when they first came out (my girlfriend at the time turned me on to the band), but as much as I loved the records they didn't really sound very good until Trick of the Tail.  I still remember the first time I put Trick of the Tail on.  No Peter Gabriel but wow!  A Genesis record that didn't sound utterly compressed and bandwidth limited!  It didn't hurt that even without Peter Gabriel they still made a case for out-and-out classically influenced rock.  And oh yeah, just to show you dudes how cool I am I saw ELP at the Santa Monica Civic...
You saw ELP at the Civic!  Evidently that puts me in the cool factor as well.  With Kieth crawling all over his Moog assy.  
And I also agree about Genesis & their recorded sound quality.  It was like having a towel over the front of the speakers. 
OK so Trick of the Tail is recorded better.  I agree.  The last good Genesis album save Seconds Out.
But the Tidal and Qobuz resolutions are Only 44 / 16.
Have you not given Qobuz's updated 'Selling England by the Pound' a minute or two...?  Perhaps I'm alone, but I find it very engaging and a much appreciated offering.

On a similar but different note, just now wading into some solid tube non-hybrid pre & amp (Atma-Sphere) pieces. Seconds Out's 'Supper's Ready' has always been an al time favorite for me. It's one of those few tunes for me that once cued up, it will be played full thru (all +24 mins), each and every time. Without exaggeration, I've no doubt listened to it full thru well over one-hundred times. Proverbial gift that just keeps giving. Just  never before realized (before A-S, anyway) just what an outstanding recording this piece really is. An opening up of the soundstage (guessing the tubes) that makes it even more special to me. Sorry, was listening to it as I stated this response and felt compelled to pass along. 'A flower...?'

Happy listening,
Hi Todd,
Oh my yes.  All the old stuff.  Still though, wanting to see some higher resolution versions. After all, ‘I know what I like...‘Near Maryland?  Ken.
Took a trip up to Grand Rapids, MI from Indianapolis last fall to catch Steve Hackett preform. Each of his annual tours general revolve around one particular Genesis album of the past. Last year it was 'Selling England...". He's still got it.
Yes I agree Steve is awesome.  I have seen him several times in DC and Philadelphia.  Even the reenactment group The Musical Box is worth seeing.  That was when I went to concerts...   Ken