Why no high end battery powered wireless speaker systems?

I would love to have a set of wireless battery powered high end speakers and subwoofers.  With so many high end powered speakers  and subwoofers around these days, it would seem to be the logical next step to make them battery powered and eliminate all the cables.  I'm a little surprised that Sonos hasn't created a wireless system yet with their Play 5 speakers -even though I don't think they have any interest in cultivating the audiophile market. What are the hurdles standing in the way of this?  Are there any in the works?   
Here is a wonderful sounding battery based system I came across yesterday. I had no idea some AA batteries could produce such sound.
They demo several songs and it's worth the wait to hear what is capable with this kind of system.

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Veloce Audio makes or at least used to make an upscale "Lithio" series  rechargeable battery powered amp and preamp. They were fantastic with YG Carmels. Their price has since bombed on the used market. I would love to own them but afraid they would be boat anchors pending battery replacement availability. 
Thanks @nonoise for the link. That is the essence of what i am looking for but in a consumer friendly package.  It would be great to eliminate all the cables and expense if possible.  @erik_squires , I was thinking along the lines of having an integrated high power rechargeable battery to power the speakers-like the 7.5 AH ones that routinely come with battery powered chain saws and leaf blowers.  I think a high efficiency speaker is only going to use around 1 watt of power most of the time and maybe 100 watts at high decibel peaks?  If those batteries will power an electric chainsaw or leaf blower for extended periods, I would think a speaker would be no problem.  
Yeah, you have much to learn, grasshopper. To get power (watts) you need amps, and (pop quiz) what else? 
SONOS makes a decent sounding battery powered (rechargeable) speaker.  While I would not use them for serious listening, they certainly sound good enough for background listening.