Why No respect for Denon DL160 cartridge

I have been into analogue for many years. I have had $2500 systems, and $200 turntable/arm/combos.
In a bit of a lark, I had a new Denon DL160 Hi Output moving coil on my AR ES-1-SME 3009IIIs system. THIS IS A VERY,VERY musical cartridge. Having had Lyra Lydians,Blue Point specials, all manner of Goldrings, Grados, and a Sumiko SHO, I know the sound of high end cartridges and the competition. So I ask you, why have reviewers ignored this $180 wonder? From top to bottom and very fine 3 dimensional transducer. Anyone else know about this Cartridge?

Glad to hear someone likes it. I have allways wanted to hear one. We live in a cult society!
I heard the 103 is the only one to have. Not true at all.
Denon makes many fine cartriges.
Denon would'nt make and sell them if they where no good.
They list the 160 in there new catolog for the US.
There must be a reason.
After all with a name like Denon how could you go wrong.
Especially for the cost.
I would'nt be suprised if it sounded better than the 103..

I own a denon304 and like it very much.....another bargain as I got two of them for 300cdn each...that's like 150 Canadian tire money, eh? Enjoy, the denon's are fun....Bluenose.
I'm running the dl160 @ 100 ohms. Why does it sound better than at the mm stage recommended?
I have a Denon DL 207 mc cartridge virtually NIB. I had it re tipped by Denon years ago and havent used it because I changed pre amps and it didnt have enough out put. I do remember what a big step up it was over the ortofons, shures and AT s I had tried prior. If this floats any ones boat, make an offer. I recall it was about $3oo. new.
I used a 160 for 3 years, retipped it twice and finally sold it with my old TT when I upgraded. I found it to be a great budget cartridge. When combined with a daul 5000, "highly modified"

1) Removed the power supply from the table and isolated it in it own sheilded box. This reduced the small amout of hum that could occur as the arm moved closer to it.

2) Wrapped the arm with Sumiko's (SP) plastic tention wrap. Wow, this cleared the mid range and tighten as well as extended the bass.

3) Replaced the cable with AudioQuest's entry arm cable.

4) Built a platform made out of 3/4 inch plateglass/MDF and bluetack.

This system brought me many enjoyable hours and I credit the DL160 with alot of the enjoyment and I was able to get the cartridge new for $110. Another advantage is retipping is only $90.

When I sold this system to a friend he got a great deal. I think he got it for $250 dollars.

This tweaked out system comes very close to my present WTR with Glider.

Since then my friend has replaced the cartridge with a Grado "gold" and removed the wrap, due to it ripping.

I have strongly suggested that he replace the wrap. Also I don't think the Grado gives the same level of refinement as the Denon. I enjoy the highs and mids more with the Denon, at least on this table.

I just bought one and they are a steal! Fantastic cartridge! They are going up in value at a quick pace.
Ed Kobesky, a reviewer for Positive Feedback Online, and who contributes here from time, has been a big booster of the DL-160 for some time, and is responsible for several of us buying and enjoying them. I used a DL-160 exclusively for a year, and it was a significant step up from the Shure M97xE and Ortofon OM10 I was using before. In fact, it finally gave way to an Audio Technica AT150MLX because 1) it wasn't too much more money at the time (now they are), and 2) it sounds very much like the DL-160, but with more detail. And that latter could simply be a better match with my tonearm and phono stage.

If you search the A-gon user reviews, you'll find Ed's enthusiastic comments about the DL-160 and DL-110.