Why scratchy sounds Denafrips DAC to Drop AAA 789

Plugging Balanced connections of the Ares ll into Balanced headphone Drop AAA789… produces scratchy sounds to my Klipsch Cornwalls playing simultaneously… sharing of the Denafrips playing into a Rogue preamp. The headphone amp isn’t powered up. If I unplug the balanced union of the DAC and headphone amp, it goes away. The main Cornwalls are being powered by NAD C 1366BEEv2 amp. Any help on this one?

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Can you reword this in a way that it’s possible to answer without us having to embark on a research project?  Please think this through as if you’re the recipient and ask a more straightforward question because this thing seems all over the place.  I’d like to help if I can, but this is just a mess of a question. 

I know. It’s all over the place. 
The audio of my main speakers will take on an external distortion sound. My Blusound Node3, streams into Ares ii, which then connects to Rogue hybrid preamp, finally into NAD integrated amp. 
  When I attempt to additionally balance plug, the available BALANCED OUT to BALANCED IN of live Denafrips to my AAA789 headphone amp, “BINGO”… overriding scratciness sound to whatever music is currently playing… and the headphone amp is not active. 

I assume you don't listen to your headphones and speakers at the same time so why not just plug the headphone amp in when you need it? Seems like  a small price to pay and not all components like being hooked up via more than one output.

Same here, Denafrips can only support one output......that's not unusual, similarly with most other DACs

The Aires should only allow one input at a time.  If it’s allowing more than one, then something is wrong.  Send an email to Alvin.  He might not be prompt in his reply, but he will reply.