Why so many "newer" Mac's for sale?

I can't be the only one who has noticed that there are a lot of newer pieces of McIntosh's being sold here on the 'Gon. Most of these amps/preamps are quite pricey to purchase, so I'm curious as to why these are coming up for sale so soon. I can understand the "older" stuff being offered for sale. Are the newer ones not that great? Or is it the old "never satisfied" issue coming into play. Just curious!

Probably reading too many Audio Magazines.
Last years gear is blown away don't ya know?
how many of any item being up for sale never means anything in this hobby & all upgrades no matter the brand or what excuse we all tell our self is the reason is based on never being satisfied.

also when you look at how much mac gear is for sale you need to look at the volume of gear that mcintosh sells each year,mcintosh isnt a little cottage type operation they pump out some serious volume compared to most other high end brands.

ask some of the guys selling their late model mac gear what their plans are & chances are they are going upwards within the mcintosh line instead of being unhappy with what they have.

when you compare the overall sales volume of mcintosh world wide to another manufacturers overall volume (lets say pass labs)then compare the numbers of used gear listed i think you'll find that mac's numbers are quite low compared to other brands of comparable cost.
Jeffjarvis, I really enjoyed what you said......very well thought out and said indeed....can't stop laughing! That's reality.

Gotta agree with Jeff and Genesis. I think people are never happy, me included. We just wan to keep seaching for that "Holy Grail" even when we holding it. The rise in McIntosh is probably indicative of higher McIntosh sales overall. They have really been pumping out a lot of new gear over the past few years. I think they are getting better in their amp and pre-amp line.
I wonder why I see so many Pass amps for sale as well. They probably have pretty big production runs compared with other high end, thus more product clearly more owners, more sellers. I agree with big Joe that it usually doesn't reflect on the quality but there is always a dud so if you see the same amp not brand, intuitively it makes you wonder (the 754 Big Joe) I can't comment on Macs new production but even used they sell very well for high prices. The vintage stuff which I have had and still covet somewhat has synergy with some of my stuff.
I'm noticing a trend here. A brief scan of the classifieds on Agon has turned up that owners of many brands are selling their gear due to some, if not all of the following reasons:

1) An upgrade is on the way
2) A baby is on the way
3) A pissed off wife is on the way
4) Death is on the way

Apparently there's some plague going around the audiophile world and I'd be careful about buying or selling your gear because apparently then your wife will get pregnant, then pissed off, and then you'll die. Sell at your own risk!
Having been a Meridian owner;I see a lot of the newer G series 4sale too.Re. the Pass ads,--- I see it being MANY dealer ads and the rest, maybe upgrading. I just think there have always been many Mac. ads. I'm here maybe 3xs a day,every day and I don't know what I 'm looking for and hope I'll recognize it,when I see it.
People flip equipment all the time I wouldn't be to concerned about it. If you like MAC equipment and are in the market I would consider it a buying oppurtunity.

I'm sure it is simple production #'s, they do pump out 50 amps vs. 5 amps to 90% of the other manufactures in their price range... Its the same with Klipsch, they are high production and have Many dealers so for a piece of gear that comes up every 2 months from somebody else will probably come up 2 times in one month for a mac. Or We are just Stupid and love to Lose money re-selling gear and never gain any more sound!!! Ha...
big joe is right. mac sells more amps aound the world in one year than 20 or 30 other name brands. they also have an organized dealer network who have 'as a whole' maintained mac gear of every era. they ask a lot, because in this case, its worth a lot ....and probably always will be.
it's good.
they're all great and gettin' it down the price is even more greater.