Wilco Fans / Solo Tweedy

On NPR first listen!! Only listened to a few songs so far , but a couple of them I love!
I'm glad your a fan!

Just remember, your a NEW fan. They have a long and well received catalog. Their output is well reviewed here.

Getting ready to listen to "(the album)". ...again.
What makes you think I'm new new to this music?
I've been listening to Wilco for 15 years . I've seen them twice live and just saw the Tweedy tour over the summer.
So what do you think of Jeff Tweedy album?
Wilco always bring something very unique in their band. I am huge fan of their songs and performance.
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We just saw Tweedy last weekend at the Rhythm & Roots festival in Bristol. I think his was the best performance of the weekend. Absolutely stunning!

Hey, great...thanks Todd. It's on Spotify (for anyone interested in checking it out).
just heard it on spotify--sounds like less-fleshed out wilco demos (not necessarily a bad thing, since i've generally liked tweedy in direct proportion to how little he adulterates his songs). melodies are strong, though would occasionally benefit from sharper guitar work. "nobody dies anymore" is a standout.