Will Audio Research D115 drive Hales?

I have Hales Rev 2's 86 db efficient into 6 ohms- Will AR d115 rated at 100 watts be enough? How about Cary Sli 80 integrated?
I too have a pair of Rev twos. I'm using an SS amp with 75 in to 8, so the juice delivered is somewhere in the 100 watt range. 100 is enough to play loud, but not with the same smoothness as 200 watts. Hales just play with more ease and with larger demention as the rating increases. I can't see an 80 tube integrated amp driving these things, the AR would be more able. A lot depends on your music material, size of room, etc. But in the end, the more the better. Have fun. Hales rule!
I've always found that tube amps sound amazingly louder than their SS counterparts. Probably due to the way a tube works. I'v owned a d115 and a pair of Magnaplanar IIIa speakers and can tell you that the D115 had more than enough power and reserve to push the Maggies. Of course the room was hardwood floored and shoebox shaped which may make a difference. Keep in mind the Maggies are less efficient than the Hales. I think the Audio Research is a great match for less efficient speakers. These amps were built to perform and last. They are not fragile. If you go with a more powerful amplifier this will most certainly result in an increase in distortion. Its always a trade-off. I would rather have a little less volume and clarity of sound than more volume with high distortion. Of course I'm judging the experience of listening pleasure on a sonic level, with my ears. Those who find the low frequency rumble to be thrilling my differ in opinion. I find excessivly loud level listening unenjoyable and unnesessary and so would find that the meage(ha) 100 watts that the D115 offers to be MORE than enought to drive those speakers. Hope you find something you like.
Have not heard the Rev 2's myself but listened to the Trans 8's driven by VAC Renaissance 70/70 MkII. No problems, sounded great. I would think that the D115 would be fine so far as power is concerned.