Will increasing speaker cable AWG make a difference in sound quality?

Increasing speaker cable size (for example w/AQ the cable sizes move up in size from 15AWG to 10AWG) improve sound quality?


Yes! To my surprise, I was running Monoprice 4/12 to my LaScala lls & was happy until I went with Furutech Flagship OCC HIFI Speaker Cable Fever grade, which is 2/12 wire. I noticed a sense of clarity & openness. Highly recommend.

I get very noticable changes. Heavier guage less detail more umph. Lighter guage the oposite. The key obviously is to find the best mix. This is all room dependable as well.

I`m glad none of you are my docktor. Something between scaring and sad to see the answers given, but with one exeption, Carlsbad:


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generally yes. Large wire size is required for the high current that flows for small fractions of a second during dynamic changes or big bass notes. a mellow song will sound the same with both but, just like in power cables, there are dynamic times when higher current flows, even if just for a picosecond.  The simplistic calculations like others are doing in this thread are wrong.  It is the google level of understanding physics.  I have a physics degree from UofC. "

This is the thruth. He only needs to add that current flows much like water, there will be a big difference between one big conductor versus many tiny ones. Meaning solid core, fun begins at 9awg.

 I sometimes wonder if someone in this dirty industry knows about this. Mybe, but they will off course keep their mouth shut, there is no money in this. 

It is stupid to spend the kids 529 plan on cables.

I do own Zavfino cables and love them but they are on the reasonable end of the spectrum. I also own Bluejeans cable, Nordost, DH labs and con not tell one from the other.