Wilson Audio Sasha break-in time ?

Anyone know the break-in time for the Wilson Sasha ? Thank you.
Wow! Great system!!! Lastest ARC Ref gear and Sashas with TA Ref cables! Enjoy! i would have thought at least 100 hours, but possibly closer to 200? Was it out of the box or dealer demo? I like to buy second hand or dealer demo...mainly price, but it is nice not to have to break in and wait!! Enjoy your amazing system!
About the time before you trade it in for the next Wilson. Reminds me of the auto vehicle break in stories of yesteryear.
Frist congrats those are great speakers. If my Maxx 3's serve as a guide for you the first 24 hours brings a big change...then the next 100 hours smaller changes (more ease to the presentation)...after that I swear after a few months they eased again...most of this is pretty small...but noticeable.

I'd use a contact cleaner on the terminals (speaker and mid/tweeter connector) about every 90 days...

I also use a Purist Audio Design Burn in and demag cd occasionally. It will help with break in and seems to offer something even after breakin...
For you or the speaker? Changing speakers is tough and every record sounds different than you're used to. Give it a month for both of you. This way you'll forget what your last speakers sounded like and accept the new ones on their own merit, or lack of. What you shouldn't do is start changing cables and stuff like that to try and compensate for the differences. Good luck.
Judging from my friend Dave's experence it takes quite a while; keeps getting better for a long time. I would say a few hundred at least for best performance.
Does anybody know whether Sasha is sharp on s sounds as in spitting accentuated s sound and whether this improves with time.