Wilson audio Sasha vs Gryphon Atlantis

what speaker is better?
I have heard both but not a direct comparison, different front ends, and weeks apart, so take that into account with my comments. Heard the Sasha a few times and prefered the Sasha of these two because they seemed to be a slightly less veiled, faster and more 3d sounding. I only heard it briefly but I remember the Atlantis being warmer and richer but seemed to be hard on the ears at higher volume but the dealer switched the front end and it was vastly improved. Both very good but neither one suited me. I would say your equipment and room will be huge factors in how they suit you.
I heard both in the same room and it wasn't even close. Gryphon were rather harsh (but the cables were Nordost so it could be their fault) but very impressive. I hated the way Wilsons sounded.

I'm afraid You listened Wilson audio Watt/Puppy 8, but not the Sashas. It's other acoustics. It's really worse, than Sasha.
I have heard Wilson before with Levinson, Gamut, AR and some others I forgot. Heard Atlantis with Gryphon, MBL and Ayre (from memory). Dont ask models. Both V. good, but not to my specific taste.