Wilson CUB I

A pair of these popped up for sale locally. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how these hold up compared to newer speakers. I know they’re a little long in the tooth


Oh, and they’d be paired with ARC gear of similar vintage, if that’s relevant.

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The cubs are really good speakers for the money (most seem to go for around $2000 a pair). Given the room, they will throw a nice soundstage. I had them in my dedicated room for a few years until they were replaced by B&W 802D’s. I’m currently running the cubs in our HT & still enjoying them.


Any idea how they would do in a small room/midfield setup?

These are substantially cheaper than $2k… so much so that I’m a lil suspicious…

Anyway, thx for the reply.


op it depends on condition if they are cheaper the 2k they might be worth it however your  arc might nor  drive them well so you really need to try them first 

@rfnoise - They worked well in a 15' square room. I had them 8' apart, 3' from front wall, & listened (on center) approx. 8' away from them. What Arc amp do you own?

Well, I emailed the guy, so I guess I’ll find out what the deal is…



I don’t know, my amp makes something like 400wpc into a 4ohm load. I’d hope that’d be enough.


Nothing especially illustrious. I have an LS25 MKII feeding a D400.

@rfnoise your amp will have NO problem driving the CUB's. If they are local go have a listen and please report back your thoughts.


they’re about a four hour drive, but I’m game. Just waiting for a reply to my email. I dunno, the price was low enough that it occurred to me that someone might just be trolling audiophiles. Seen that before. We’ll see.

As the 2 gentlemen above stated, your amp will work fine with those speakers. Cubs are not all that hard to drive & 400wpc at 4ohms will work well. 


Good luck!

Well… didn’t get a response, and now the listing is gone. Hope some audiophile out there lucked out on a $500 pair of CUBs.

sorry for wasting y’all’s time.