Wilson Duettes Plus 2 Watchdog Subwoofers

I currently own Duettes and love the sound. I was wondering if anyone has
this combination with 2 Watchdogs and what they feel were the improvements over Duettes on their own. Also what amps to use on the Watchdogs.

I'm using a Gryphon Diablo integrated on the Duettes which is a nice combo.
I'm not really after just extra bass but thinking more of what sort of an overall improvement I will get all round. And whether this combo approaches the
Wilson Maxx but with better flexibility and for less outlay.

To save space and for better integration of the subs and Duettes I'm thinking of putting the Duettes on top of the Watchdogs separated by Aurios or Cerapucs. I've already read the positive review in HiFi Plus by Roy Gregory where he used just one Watchdog, but was curious to hear from fellow audiophiles on their thoughts or experiences.