Wilson Sasha 1

I've been toying with the idea of upgrading from my wilson sofia 2s to a pair of Sasha 1s.   I love my sophias, but I'm looking for a little bit more low end authority.   I've noticed on Audiogon that there are a lot of Sasha 1s being sold at some pretty discounted prices.   Is there a reason for that?

I like the aggresiveness of Wilson, but should I be looking elsewhere?
I've noticed on Audiogon that there are a lot of Sasha 1s being sold at some pretty discounted prices.   Is there a reason for that?

Yes, the Wilson Sasha 2 series has been released. It is quite common for any audio component to be discounted more heavily once a newer series has been released. Some folks always want the newer, "better", product.
The Sasha 1 remains a great speaker only marginally improved in the Sasha 2. The prices on the Sasha 1 in great used condition are less than 1/2 a new Sasha 2 making for an excellent purchase opportunity. 

I would certainly get a demo of the new Sabrina, for good measure.
Both Sophia & Sasha are excellent in any series (1 or 2).

Happy Listening!
Consider adding a subwoofer to your system. You can add as much slam as you want. Joe
Jnovak,  Interesting that you mention that.  I have two JL Audio f112s that i pretty much exclusively use for the home theater portion of my set up.   Maybe I should consider the new JL Audio CR-1 crossover and just try and utilize my f112s better.
I have experimented through the years with adding high quality subs to systems that already seem to have sufficient bass. In most cases I found that not only does the bass improve, but there seems to be a 'lifting -of-the veil' so to speak in the other octaves as well. I have spent some time with the JL subs (mentioned above) along with other high-end offerings. I can't help but think that the right balance of Sasha 1 and the JLs could result in something pretty special, albeit that it would take some patience to get the crossover and sub placement just right to make it all come together.
Thanks brauser.   I may start off trying to do this with the sophia 2s first and then move up to the sasha's later.
did you ever get the Sasha's? I went from Wilson Audio Watt Puppy 7's to the Sasha's, love them. I almost got Magico's but the Sasha's sounded better and fuller at lower volumes, both sound great loud. I have a T+A integrated amp and use the Chord Dave as my DAC, High Fidelity Reveal magnetic cables, Niagra power, Clearaudio turntable and a Manley Chinook tube phono amp & an Aurender music server. All sounds great with the Sasha's. 
I 2nd adding your subs. The crossover that JL makes will work well. I would even try them at 60hz. Your speakers are starting to dive there. I added 2 JL E112 subs a few years ago and it stopped my upgrading. I will probably never have a system without subs again. 
I forgot the add the Sasha 1 is one of my favorite all time speakers and I think spending more is silly unless you have a very large room to fill. 

Maybe bor the best or the most accurate but I enjoyed them the most. 
I have the Sasha 2s and love them. I have never heard the Sasha1s but I am sure they are close. IMO it is very difficult but not impossible to add a sub and still have a well integrated sound and might end diluting the factories intended excitement and realism. The improvement in the tweeter, mids and upper bass over the Sophia will not be had by adding a sub. If you are hooked on the Wilson sound as I am, moving up the ladder might be your best bet.
I still have my Sophia 2s at the moment.   Actually, as james633 suggested, late last year I integrated my two f112s in with my speakers and it has worked really well.   Not perfect by any means, but really close.    The Aye KX-5 Twenty has two sets of XLR outputs and I just ran one set to the subs and set the cross over at 60hz on the subs themselves.   I really like the sound--Not only added a lot in base, but the whole soundstage become so much deeper.

I'm still looking at other speakers and certainly have looked for Sasha 1s on audiogon, but have not really seen any lately.    I've also listened to the new Sasha 2s, Paradigm Personas as well as the Monitor Platinum II.   All have have nice sounds with the correct electronics. 

I've had some other financial responsibilities come up, but I'm still looking to upgrade.   I can't really afford the speakers at the moment, but am looking to upgrade my Schiit Yggdrasil DAC to the Chord DAVE or Ayre QX-5(as I mentioned on your thread).   Also looking to upgrade my Oppo 105 to the OPPO 205 along with a new 4K projector.

Expensive hobby, but you gotta love it!   
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