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Axpona 2024 who is going and why?
I'm going because my girlfriends brother lives in Chicago. It'll be two birds with one stone  
Meeting up with members even where there is no sale
Anyone going to Axpona could wear a tag with their user name. I will  
Kids, Dogs, and Speakers
No joking but how about the idea of large bubble wrap covers that you could slip onto the speakers when not in use. If the cat took a liking to them (scratching), the breaking bubbles would be a deterrent. The kids would have to be taught to stay ... 
Annoying newbie CD/SACD player question
Two things; You are not annoying! This forum belongs to all who play by the rules. Secondly, CD and SACD players are now a buyers marketplace as not so many people want them as they once did. A DAC that used to sell for $6000.00 I think just sold ... 
20 Years?
Times fun when you're having flies! I joined early on. Before that it was the newsgroups and another site I can't remember the name of. Before that it was classified ads in Stereophile and two different bulletins that used to get mailed monthly. O... 
Starting a Classical Vinyl Music Collection
If you go to thrift shops, Readers Digest has made some compilation sets that are highly regarded. If you're lucky, you will find some sets un played.   
Help with speaker selection
How about the Paradigm Persona 9H? I heard them at Capital Audio Fest. Are you buying new or used? I see a pair of these out there for $19.000.00 End game speakers!  
Is it important to long demo or own HIGH END gear to have a fair accurate view about it?
For me I need to get any piece of gear home before I really know if I like it or not. Demoing gear is frustrating. Just like buying tickets for a Broadway show six months in advance frequently I'm not in the mood come showtime! The best thing in t... 
another rookie question - preamp or or power amp
You'll never regret having the best preamp you can afford. If you aren't passing the best signal though a decent preamp the best amp in the world won't do you any good. I've found amps that were better than I though all because I'm using a PS Audi... 
Martin Logan vs. Everything
The only answer to the dilemma of "what's best" is to have at least three main systems! Now that I'm single again, that's the goal. I have a hard time going to audio shows let alone an Audio Salon. I need to get it home and listen when I'm in the ... 
The Hidden Gem at Capital Audio Fest (CAF) 2023!
The Magico S3's are on my dream list. I thought they stole the show.  
"The Ultra High-End Speaker."
Thee most magical sound I've ever heard coming from any speaker was from a set of Snell Type B's It has yet to be bested. Joe  
Big speakers, are they really the best way to get great sound?
I sure miss my Snell Type A V5's. They had the 18 inch woofers. They had impact when needed. I 'll be at the CAF looking for something to compete with what they offered in a slightly smaller footprint.  
Anyone else suffering with Qobuz tonight
Never an issue for people like myself who decided to stick with physical media. My Cd's and albums are never down!   
Why would someone feel the need to comment unpleasant things on sale posts
Most of these arrogant people wouldn't have the guts to say the same thing to your face!